Ali registered “Jingxi” ridiculed: Ma Yun is not here, even reduced to this?

The reason is very simple, Ali registered a new company: Alibaba Jingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Do you look familiar? Think about it carefully. Yes, this is not a mixture of Ali Jingdong! < p > < p > now netizens quit: Ali Jingdong’s love and hatred is already an open secret. Now, instead of crushing rivals from business and market, they are doing some means without bottom line to gain a foothold. What is it that is not touching porcelain? Is this Ali founded by Mr. Ma? < p > < p > Ali finally couldn’t sit still, so he quickly released a statement: it’s not intentional, it’s really not touching porcelain, OK, I won’t call this name, please give me a name! < p > < p > this year is almost Ali’s “year of birth”. All kinds of minor illnesses have been brought to the forefront of Ali’s mouth, whether it’s the case of two women fighting for a husband in the top management enterprise, or the case of p8 cheating girls in the name of false recruitment, or the p7 scum man who is reported to be cheating on marriage by real name posts. Although any company may not escape, but others can not, who let you be a halo of Ali? < p > < p > more worrying than the war of words is Ali’s market share. Take shopping as an example. How long have you not been on Taobao / tmall? < p > < p > with the two carriages of “genuine” and “logistics”, and with nearly self abusive customer service, Jingdong has gradually squeezed the space of tmall and fought hand in hand. < / P > < p > with a lot of “cheap” Assassin’s mace, it has quietly accumulated more than 600 million users over the past few years. In the background of Jingdong Ali’s equal share, where are so many new users? < p > < p > therefore, even if the senior executives make some mistakes and even have the suspicion of deviating from the corporate culture, they have to turn a blind eye: thousands of troops are easy to obtain, but a general is difficult to obtain, and they still have to fight against Duoduo Huang Zheng! < / P > < p > or, you can log in to Taobao app now to see if there are cash red envelopes popping up every time? Turn off the key also anti human to get the upper left corner? If you want to quit, you have to ask you again and again, “do you want to give up the red envelope?” and make the exit key gray This kind of nearly malicious marketing method was once the most despised by Ali! < / P > < p > to say that the competition in the e-commerce field is really cruel. Sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Yesterday, you’re still singing loudly. Today, the undercurrent is surging. Ali is playing cards in disorder regardless of his image. Isn’t it just a manifestation of his mental anxiety? < / P > < p > if we turn a blind eye to the values of trampling on the company’s red line, turn a blind eye to malicious marketing regardless of customer experience, and give a green light to a registered company that knowingly causes controversy, is Ali still not Ali? < p > < p > in 1999, Mr. Ma Yun, with his dream of not being mediocre and his ambition of “let the world have no difficult business”, has been doing more and more along the way. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”