Alibaba registered a new company, Jingdong was badly hit by porcelain, netizens: This is called “Jingdong Jingxi”?

The poor will be blamed for whatever they say, while the rich are fragrant when they fart. The event of “Alibaba registering a new company” which has aroused heated discussion on the Internet recently can well reflect this truth. According to public information, Alibaba has suddenly registered a new company, and the name of the new company is Alibaba Jingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd., and a company randomly registered by Alibaba has caused another e-commerce giant Jingdong to suffer a terrible collision Porcelain, in the end, led to a hot topic among the whole people. It is said that the clown is in the palace and the master is wandering. For Alibaba’s “porcelain touching” event, netizens directly gave a divine comment: This is called “startling the East and startling the west”? < p > < p > and finally, after the heated public opinion, Alibaba also had to explain: at that time, the name was totally unexpected, just because the registered address of the company was in Zhangjiakou, west of Beijing, so the name of “Jingxi” was directly named “Jingxi”. In order to avoid further misunderstanding, Alibaba directly decided to change its name in the future. Although the event of “touching porcelain” is over, the thinking of social imagination caused by it has not stopped. This “Jingdong, Jingxi” incident let many people see the benefits brought by an enterprise trademark. Clearly, a very simple name, however, because Jingdong, an e-commerce giant, met porcelain, it directly brought its own traffic halo at the moment of its birth. So many people found a business opportunity: register a good trademark = make money, good trademark + start a company = make a lot of money. As the first hot pot chain enterprise listed in China, its market value is as high as HK $200 billion, and its establishment time was in 1994 in the last century. What about hedilao? < / P > < p > it’s not just a restaurant founded in 2018, but it’s this brand name similar to Haidilao, which can attract consumers’ attention in the first place. According to the consideration of human nature, everyone has the psychology of following the crowd and seeking novelty. When you see a shop with a very similar name on the street, you will subconsciously vote for it Into the eyes of attention. < / P > < p > but when many people are ready to register the relevant trademarks of well-known enterprises, they suddenly find that they can think of others and have thought of it for a long time. Take Alibaba as an example. It can be extended to “Ali’s mother, Ali’s father, Ali’s grandfather, Ali’s grandmother, Ali’s uncle and other highly similar names. However, since 2007, Alibaba has successively registered these trademarks all over, leaving no way for others. The same is true of Xiaomi, another technology company. For example, rice, purple rice, red rice, black rice and other trademarks have been included in the bag for a long time. Of course, sometimes there are a lot of secrets, but if you are not careful, something similar to “Haidilao suing hedilao” will still come out of the river. Eventually, it will not only face huge compensation, but also start a new business. < / P > < p > therefore, a good trademark is important, but it is always external. The most important thing is still the most internal things, such as products, quality, service, technology and so on. Privacy Policy