Alipay has another “new recruit”, and a large number of users are suddenly raised.

With the progress and development of the times, great changes have taken place in people’s life compared with the past. The emergence of e-commerce platform has directly subverted our previous shopping methods. We can buy the clothes we want to wear and the shoes we want to buy at home. It is because of this that fewer and fewer people choose to go shopping in physical stores. In this context, mobile payment is becoming more and more mature. Now it’s almost no longer necessary to carry cash when you go out, because as long as you take a mobile phone, you can pay wherever you go. With the introduction of the flower, the first mock exam and the credit card, the mode of early consumption is welcomed by the young people. To a certain extent, the emergence of Huabei really facilitates the life of the masses. For those who do not have funds at hand, it can alleviate the worry of our urgent need for money. However, due to the fact that many people spend money without restraint, the amount of money they owe is getting higher and higher. However, Alipay has come up with a new strategy. A large number of users find that they have received Alipay’s invitation to offer, but many people choose to close after they have finished the test, which means they are “afraid to use”. Why is that? Let’s have a look at it! According to the reply of ant group, since Huabei was announced to be open to banks and other financial institutions in May 2018, dozens of financial institutions have participated in and served Huabei users. According to the requirements of some cooperative financial institutions, in order to provide users with better service, it is necessary to upgrade the service agreement of such users, including the user’s consent to credit reference authorization. < / P > < p > in fact, this is an upgrade of Huabei, and the upgraded Huabei will be included in the credit reference system. It is because of this condition that many netizens dare not use it. Although the emergence of Huabei is convenient for many people, even if the monthly income is only 3000 yuan, you can buy what you want with Huabei. However, the amount of some users is not high. In order to solve the user’s troubles, Alipay also “actively” sent flowers invitation. < / P > < p > in principle, users who can raise the amount are naturally happy. Why do a large number of users choose to close the Huabei after reading the conditions and say that they will not use it again? It is worth noting that there is a “deep meaning” behind the invitation. Because there is a line of very small font under Huabei, which is the “condition” we have been talking about above.

needs the user’s permission to sign. After meeting this condition, Alipay will give you flowers. At this time, users naturally need to think carefully. After all, once they agree to this condition, it means that the repayment records of Huabei will be included in the credit reference of the central bank. In case of any unreasonable behavior such as overdue repayment or cash out due to special circumstances, it will also have an impact on your credit reference. < / P > < p > if their credit reference is damaged because of Huabei, many people are not willing to. Based on this background, only a large number of users choose to pay off their debts and close the Huabei. < / P > < p > as for whether or not to close Huabei, I hope the majority of users will not follow suit. First of all, if you agree to sign the authorized personal information, Huabei will merge and report the usage information of Huabei once a month. It includes the amount of credit, bills and repayment, etc. when overdue, it will be reported together. This should be noted. < / P > < p > however, for users, the most important thing to care about is whether their repayment behavior is in compliance with the regulations, rather than blindly following the trend and shutting down the Huabei function. At least in the case of ensuring that they will not be overdue, the use of Huabei records to report credit reference can also leave us good repayment records. Science Discovery