Alipay on line claims unemployment insurance benefits

The Ministry of human resources and social security of the people’s Republic of China has accelerated the online application of unemployment insurance benefits in order to effectively ensure the basic living security of the unemployed during the period of epidemic prevention and control and ensure that the unemployment insurance benefits are paid in full and on time. The Ministry of human resources and social security said that the national unified entrance has been opened for online application of unemployment insurance benefits and unemployment subsidies. The unemployed people can apply for unemployment insurance benefits online by logging into the national social insurance public service platform or Alipay platform.

Alipay announced that unemployment insurance claims include unemployment insurance claims and unemployment benefits. The unemployed who hold the electronic social security card can search the “national unemployment payment application” by Alipay, and inquire online whether they are eligible for the unemployment insurance benefits. If they comply with the conditions of application, click “declare” to complete the declaration procedures. After the application is approved, the unemployed who meet the application conditions can receive unemployment insurance or unemployment subsidy within the period of treatment.

IT’s family has reported that in March of this year, Alipay announced that it was upgraded to an open platform for digital living, focusing on the digitalization of service industry. In the past few months, services have been moved into Alipay. At present, more than 300 cities have set up “digital citizen center” with 24-hour service. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia