All Android 11 mobile phones support wireless Android auto, which is not constrained by wire

Since 2018, Google has launched the wireless Android auto car service. The service enables users to execute Android applications and services and access and access Android mobile phone content on the car without having to plug in the data cable. Android auto can integrate with Android devices, including Google now, Google maps, and accessing music through Google play music or Pandora, spotify and other music applications. However, Google has recently updated the Android auto support page, which not only introduces the devices on which the function can be used, but also specifically indicates that any mobile phone equipped with Android 11.0 system can use wireless Android auto. This indicates that as long as the mobile phone can be updated to Android 11 system, you can feel the convenient experience of wireless Android auto. < / P > < p > of course, wireless Android auto also has a hard requirement for mobile phone hardware, that is, the mobile phone must support 5GHz WiFi network. In addition, the European Union, Japan, Russia and other regions are not allowed to launch wireless Android auto. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?