All of these problems exist? Apple pushes IOS 14.0.1 firmware, iPhone can connect WiFi normally

If the camera preview fails to display after upgrading to the official version of ios14, you can try updating to ios14.0.1 to solve this problem. < / P > < p > for users who use the “news” widget of the system, if they have the problem of displaying text information only and can’t load the image data normally, upgrading to IOS 14.0.1 will improve. Some netizens say that the problem still exists ~ < / P > < p > some third-party e-mail systems can’t send messages normally when they use the system’s own “mail” app Send e-mail problem, you can also try to upgrade IOS 14.0.1 to fix, this is always easier than replacing email < / P > < p > what the outside world can’t imagine is that almost every time an IOS firmware update or upgrade is pushed, there will be a problem with the system’s own “mail” app. Users who often use IOS devices to work online may feel helpless, right? < / P > < p > after updating to the latest official version of IOS 14, you can change the default email management program and the default Internet browser settings, so that many Apple users who like Google App services feel very friendly to the further opening of Apple IOS. < / P > < p > even if the email management is set to a third party and the default Safari browser is changed to a third-party compatible app such as chrome, after the IOS device is shut down and restarted, it will automatically return to the default use of Apple products! < / P > < p > after modifying the settings, it can’t be saved normally. There is such an obvious problem. Is apple not improving its new features? Or is there some deliberate behavior? The latest IOS 14.0.1 update was followed by a second repair to solve the problem ~ < / P > < p > that is to say, if you insist on using Google related services on Apple devices and are upgraded to the level of the default configuration of the system, you can try to upgrade the latest IOS 14.0.1 version, although these apps cannot be separated from the “sandbox” mechanism. < / P > < p > didn’t expect this? In Apple products known for its texture experience, modifying the default settings can’t be completely saved, or even can’t access the Internet normally. These problems really exist! It’s not that “users are looking for trouble” ~ < / P > < p > Apple pushed IOS 14.0.1 firmware this time, which fixed the failure of normal WiFi connection, solved the problem of default browsing and email settings, and iPhone can connect to WiFi network normally This kind of problem exists, it really affects the user’s use. < / P > < p > speechless is that not only iPhone devices such as IOS version, but also independent iPad OS devices and even Apple’s “old line” Mac OS devices have bugs that can’t connect to WiFi network, and all of them have released new firmware for repair! < / P > < p > it should be emphasized that not all users are experiencing WiFi connectivity problems, so there is no need to jump up and make a mockery of apple! Although cook’s performance after taking over as CEO of apple is very good, the quality of hardware and software experience have declined significantly. < / P > < p > the exclusive IOS operating system + exclusive IOS platform system, based on the exclusive A-Series processor chip hardware, integrates the ecological interaction of a number of different devices, and really makes Apple, with a trillion market value, “taste” the sweetness of winning the world! < / P > < p > it’s not a year without a reason to question the hardware quality control problems and discount the software experience ~ push the IOS 14.0.1 firmware, fix the failure of WiFi connection, and the iPhone can connect WiFi normally. These problems exist and really exist ~ < / P > < p > from the initial annual single iPhone flagship product to the emergence of C version, SE version, plus and Max, the year is constantly enriched Series of multi product lines, starting to cover entry-level, middle end, high-end, flagship version, is apple floating? Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia