All prices of the iPhone 12 were leaked ahead of time, and the cheapest model was more than 300 lower than the iPhone 11

The iPhone 12 will be one of Apple’s most impressive iPhone upgrades, as this year’s iPhone line has incorporated multiple firsts. The iPhone 12 will be the first in a series of four versions, covering three sizes. It will offer the first full screen compact iPhone. All of these screens will be OLEDs, another new product in the iPhone family, which means they’re all getting the smaller borders that were reserved for X, XS, and pro versions a few years ago. The iPhone 12 will also be the first iPhone with 5g connectivity, and the iPhone 12 Pro will be the first to have a lidar sensor similar to the latest iPad pro. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 series will include the world’s first smartphone with a 5-nanometer processor. Starting with 128GB of storage, the iPhone 12 Pro will also be the first iPhone with 6GB of ram. The iPhone 12 will be the first iPhone without a headset and charger adapter in its box, and apple is using a new charging cable. Of course, these are rumors, which have not been officially announced. < / P > < p > with so many initiatives, it’s no surprise that Apple’s price is higher than ever. But the new rumors reinforce our expectations. The iPhone 12 will be much cheaper than the 5g Android based model, and the price will be the same as last year’s iPhone. < / P > < p > the 64GB iPhone 11 starts at $699, which is an incredible value for a high-end phone. Since its inception, the phone has been selling well, and no competitor can compete within this price range. The galaxy S20 and note 20 series start at $999, both slightly more expensive. < / P > < p > assuming the information is accurate, the cheapest iPhone 12 will cost $50 (330 yuan) less than the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 11 may remain in Apple’s lineup for $599. The $649 iPhone 12 Mini will be much better than the iPhone 11, with screen size being the only possible downgrade. < / P > < p > the cheapest 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will cost $50 more than the cheapest iPhone 11. The cheapest iPhone 12 Pro will still cost $999, but it will have more storage than the cheapest iPhone 11 pro. The pro Max version will go up to $1399. Of course, these prices are not included in the headset and charger. There is only a usb-c charging cable in the box, but there is nothing to plug it into a power outlet. < / P > < p > Apple is expected to announce the date of its iPhone 12 launch this week, when we will know exactly how much the new iPhone will cost. The current rumor is that Apple will hold an event on October 13, which means that at least some iPhone 12 models will be released on October 23. Some reports suggest that the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max may be further delayed until some time in November. Skip to content