All stores of Wal mart are fully online, Jingdong home “88 Shopping Festival” sales hit a record high

“In the future, our cooperation with Wal Mart will be more efficient and in-depth.” Kuai Jiaqi, founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of dada group, said publicly recently. Since the strategic cooperation between dada group and Wal Mart was reached in 2016, the two sides have complementary advantages and cooperated with each other in the retail market. Wal Mart provides stores and commodity supply support for Jingdong home to quickly settle in first-line and low-level cities, while Jingdong home and dada express help Wal Mart expand its Omni channel contact with customers and provide convenient distribution support. During the shopping festival, < / P > < p > 88, Wal Mart continued to work with Jingdong home to explore Omni channel retail, and create a seamless online and offline home service. As a leading domestic real-time retail and distribution platform, dada group helps Wal Mart provide more users with a “relaxed, convenient and fun” consumption experience through the joint advantage of “retail + logistics”. < p > < p > data shows that in Wal Mart 88 Omni channel Shopping Festival, Wal Mart’s sales on Jingdong home platform on August 8 set a one-day record high. At present, all of Wal Mart’s more than 400 hypermarkets and community stores in China have been fully online, and Jingdong has become the first retailer to realize 100% electric shock of its physical stores. Kuai Jiaqi said: “dada group and Wal mart are the closest partners. They cooperate closely in business and form a strong synergy effect. They have jointly launched cloud warehouse and other industry innovation practices. Through complementary advantages and strong cooperation with Wal Mart, we let more users realize the convenience and quickness of one hour delivery home service, and make o2o instant consumption more popular. ” Chen Zhiyu, senior vice president of Wal Mart in China, said: “since the strategic cooperation with Jingdong home was reached in 2016, both sides have made continuous efforts to explore how to be closer to customers and save time for customers. This year, 88 shopping Wal Mart once again created a new record of o2o home business, showing the online order fulfillment strength of more than 400 physical stores of Wal Mart nationwide. &Based on the cooperation between dada group and Jingdong on natural selection projects, Wal Mart, dada group and Jingdong have realized a deeper Omni channel cooperation in this year’s 88 Shopping Festival. Wal Mart will become the first business to enter the Jingdong platform through the natural selection project to achieve 1 hour. With the deepening of tripartite cooperation, consumers can fully enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by Omni channel and multi scene retail, and further meet the needs of consumers. During the shopping festival, < / P > < p > 88, Wal Mart and dada group jointly explored the new mode of cloud warehouse distribution, which also highlighted the value. Previously, Wal Mart and dada group jointly tested the cloud warehouse with the integration of warehouse and distribution as the core: to establish cloud warehouse in areas without store coverage to meet the immediate consumption needs of more consumers. Since this year, the two sides have worked together to explore and upgrade the sub distribution mode of cloud warehouse, upgrading the picking and distribution of cloud warehouse to that of stores, and then sending goods to cloud warehouse in batches after picking, and then dada Knight will pick up goods from cloud warehouse and send them to users. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865