Also right angle frame, why did iPhone 12 beat Luo Yonghao?

In the era of “I admire the popularity of Apple’s traffic, I can only use the word” admiration “. How to improve the degree of attention, how to improve the heat has become a constant topic among major manufacturers, but this matter is never worried about Apple. On the one hand, based on its own word-of-mouth and brand image accumulation, apple achieved the degree of heat and flow that can be easily obtained without using the brain. As a result, Apple has become a recognized “flow pool” in the eyes of many manufacturers. Apple can almost bring fire to those who are in contact with apple, and some even directly send them to hot search. < / P > < p > so in today’s technology circle, the hidden rule of “rubbing Apple’s flow is also a skill” has gradually changed from the dark side to the bright side. In a word, the behavior of rubbing Apple’s heat is now “open the window to speak up” in the technology circle. However, not everyone wants to rub Apple’s heat, although the heat of rubbing apple can be given to oneself It brings a lot of exposure and attention, but what’s the point. Among them, as the founder of hammer technology, Luo Yonghao must be very reluctant to rub Apple’s heat. Because, this heat comes true, let Lao Luo embarrassed. This matter also has to start from a long time ago, Lao Luo launched a mobile phone with almost the same right angle frame as the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > I don’t know how many people remember Lao Luo’s nut Pro mobile phone. Although the right angle frame design it carried at that time was quite novel when many manufacturers followed apple one after another, it was later bombarded by netizens, saying that its sharp frame could cut the apple. As a result, the market performance of this mobile phone has been seriously hindered, and finally Lao Luo has left the mobile phone market with huge debts. I thought it would be a past event, but as time went by, it was gradually forgotten by everyone, and the scar in Lao Luo’s heart was about to heal. But it seems as like as two peas in the game. With the introduction of iPhone12, almost identical right angle design has made Lao Luo appear in the public’s sight, and even almost been sent to the hot search. We don’t know how Lao Luo feels at this time, but it must be very embarrassing. < / P > < p > in the warm-up stage of the upcoming double 11 e-commerce Festival, the iPhone 12 came to the second best-selling item with extremely fierce strength. But this is undoubtedly once again to Lao Luo’s wound a handful of salt, and at this time, some netizens have reviewed the famous “battle” of laoluo’s words and Confucianists. Now, many people are sympathetic to Lao Luo’s freshmen, but the topic turns to the iPhone 12 again. Why do almost the same designs have such different treatment? Can a brand really make people blind? Maybe it is, or maybe not, but if we look at it from today’s perspective, it is not surprising that the public say goodbye to Lao Luo and turn to apple. As the old saying goes, “details determine success or failure”! Although Lao Luo is also a person who is extremely demanding on the design details, he is also fighting alone and lacks a confidant. Since ancient times, when his own ideas and opinions can not be resonated with others, Lao Luo seems to have gradually compromised or lost himself. Apple, on the other hand, is extremely demanding on design. He would rather not do it, but would not launch a design that does not conform to its own aesthetic. What is the difference between the iPhone 12 frame and Lao Luo’s frame? < / P > < p > the origin of all this can also be attributed to jobs. It is said that the rounded rectangle in the Internet originated from the Macintosh in 1981. At that time, jobs successfully persuaded the designer with his own stubbornness, and then invented roundrects rendering technology, and this technology continues to this day. In the words of jobs at the time, the design was the most beautiful design in the world. Many people once simply thought that it was just a round corner. There were not so many arguments. The so-called most beautiful design was actually the trick of Steve jobs to raise his own value. < / P > < p > but from today’s perspective, we find that this idea is totally wrong. It turns out that this simple fillet contains many, many. In 2017, the rounded corners were even directly applied to the mobile phone screen. When the mobile phone body, screen, dock and icon, the rounded corners at each place follow each other in the form of an equal ratio sequence at any time, forming a charming sense of order and harmony, and this process known as full screen has been imitated by major manufacturers. With the popularity of this kind of fillet design, many people suddenly realize that this simple fillet actually contains psychology, biology and so on. A surprising conclusion has been drawn from the joint research of many biologists, that is, human eyes have a sense of affinity and recognition different from other figures. Use a simple diagram to describe its principle. When a person’s eyes touch a circle, the eye’s line of sight will realize the process from diffusion to concentration, and finally converge to the point at the center of the circle, so that the brain will be more impressed with the circle. In professional terms, the fovea is one of the most sensitive regions in human retina. It can process circles fastest, while edge processing requires more “neuroimaging tools” in the brain. The rounded rectangle is closer to the circle in vision than the right angle rectangle, so it is easier and faster for human eyes to recognize the rounded corners. < / P > < p > can you see the difference in the figure above? The reason for Lao Luo’s failure lies in the fact that the difference between ordinary and smooth is only the difference in the degree of fillet, while Apple has achieved accurate control over it. Therefore, the visual feeling of iPhone 12 frame is stronger than that of the nut pro of hammer. In this design, apple uses all the UI from the appearance to the system. Therefore, in the comparison of many brands of mobile phones, when the eyes contact his products, the eyes have already transmitted the signal that this product is different from other products to the brain. This is why even if we know that the parameters and hardware of domestic brands are far better than apple, there is a way to say no The feeling, inexplicably, is the reason why I think the iPhone is good. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?