Although China is not a developed country, these five areas are far beyond the world, and the West will never catch up with it

China has completed 200 years of western countries in 70 years, and is getting closer to the dream of the rise of a great power. China’s rise is peaceful and harmless. It has neither invaded other countries nor plundered the wealth of the third world by colonial rule. Our wealth has been worked out by hundreds of millions of farmers and industries. This mode of development is at the cost of sacrificing the interests of a certain class. There will always be a generation to suffer from the hardships of several generations, which will inevitably lead to uneven distribution of wealth and class differentiation, which is also the helpless place of the later countries. For the same reason, although China is the world’s second largest economy, due to the existence of a large number of elderly, minority, border, poor areas and low-income groups, China still has a long way to go from the standards of developed countries. However, China has reached the developed level in five fields, and Western countries can never surpass it. The fundamental driving force of wealth is labor rather than exchange. Western countries have gradually lost this ability after de industrialization, and only rely on financial plunder and technology monopoly to grab wealth. China has established the most perfect industrial system in the world. It can produce everything from rocket satellites to pen tip masks, and its ability to create wealth far exceeds that of western countries. < p > < p > in 2008, the financial crisis broke out. In order to offset the inflation caused by the US dollar plus India and make up lessons for the backward infrastructure construction in the past few decades, the state launched a US $400 million infrastructure project to carry out infrastructure construction nationwide. Since then, China’s infrastructure has repeatedly set records and won the reputation of “infrastructure maniac”. Western countries have long lost the capacity of large-scale infrastructure construction and can only be repaired on the original basis. However, in recent years, the number and technology of the Internet have reached the advanced level in the world, breaking the myth of science and technology in India and Silicon Valley in the United States. Next, China will lead 5g technology and set off the next wave of technological revolution. Nowadays, more and more countries are carrying out 5g cooperation with China, and only a few stubborn people choose to confront, which is doomed to be eliminated by history. The ability of organization and mobilization is the embodiment of national strength. A country with strong mobilization ability has absolute advantages in economic production, war and fighting against natural disasters. The world was surprised by the high degree of self-discipline and obedience shown by the Chinese people in this epidemic. It is precisely because of this characteristic that China has become the first country to control the epidemic. There is a saying that China is a civilization disguised as a country. In the global scope, no country can achieve a high degree of overlap between the country, the nation and the culture. China not only refers to the modern China after 1949, but also refers to the 5000 years of Chinese civilization after the Yellow Emperor. Such a country often has a strong vitality and national cohesion, no matter what degree of division, it will regroup together to form a strong country. This is also the most worrying place for western countries. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”