Although the chip has been “cut off”, Huawei’s other “trump card” is gradually revealed, which is about to “light up the sword”

In the past two years, Huawei has suffered certain obstacles in many businesses. For Huawei, these tribulations are like a grindstone, which makes Huawei’s sword sharper. However, with the passage of time, the situation has changed and the pressure has increased in many aspects. For example, when it comes to chips, OEM and purchasing will not work. Although such a situation has been predicted for a long time, when things really happen, I still feel lost. < / P > < p > many enterprises are helping Huawei voice their voice, and hope to continue to supply goods to China in the future. If Huawei is easily excluded from the supply chain, it is also likely to cause damage to its own interests. < / P > < p > there is not too much transition time from the original stable situation to the market fluctuation, because the other party does not intend to let Huawei and suppliers have too much contact. < p > < p > < p > the purpose is obvious. They have been talking about safety issues, but there is no evidence to support their arguments. In other words, stopping supply can not solve the so-called security problem, only one competitor. < / P > < p > but to let them down, Huawei’s chip supply is “cut off”, but another “trump card” is gradually revealed. It is impossible to solve this problem, but only to cultivate competitors. < / P > < p > Huawei’s trump card is Hongmeng OS, which was released last year. Some people may be curious. Didn’t Hongmeng release it long ago? Before the end of last year, Huawei released the Hongmeng OS, which was only the first generation version, and it was not used in mobile phones, but was carried on products such as smart screens and car systems. < p > < p > at the beginning, Yu Chengdong released the Hongmeng OS at the Huawei developers’ conference. It is expected that this year’s Huawei developers’ conference will begin soon, and Hongmeng OS will also be a highlight. Different from last year, after a year of development and ecological improvement, Hongmeng operating system may usher in a new upgrade. < / P > < p > another trump card is Hongmeng OS. Huawei has made a lot of efforts to lay out Hongmeng. Building an operating system is not the most difficult, the most difficult is the ecological layout. < p > < p > on March 26 this year, the P40 mobile phone launched by Huawei was equipped with the world’s first HMS service and officially opened to overseas markets. HMS service is specially made for Hongmeng. The comprehensive integration of Hongmeng’s operating system and ecology is what Huawei really looks like to be the third largest system supplier. < / P > < p > it’s very difficult to push the independent products forward with a single HMS service. Even if it’s compatible with Android applications or the architecture based on Android system, it’s also related to Google. < / P > < p > if you want to be fully independent, Hongmeng + HMS service portfolio can’t be left behind. Fortunately, Huawei has been working hard. At present, there are 1.6 million registered developers of HMS services. There are also 80000 apps connected to Huawei appgallery, and 2500 of 3000 top-level applications have been successfully accessed. < / P > < p > this trump card has been hiding its edge, and now it is about to “shine the sword”. Once Hongmeng system really exerts all its strengths, it is not a problem to surpass IOS in fluency. < p > < p > in fact, Hongmeng has been on the market for a long time, but only in the field of automobile. Some time ago, a total of three car mounted Hongmeng operating systems were released, and a large number of partners developed and adapted. < / P > < p > the next thing to look forward to is the mobile version of Hongmeng operating system, which may take some time. Hongmeng is an operating system built by Huawei in intelligent device terminals. Unlike Android and apple systems, Hongmeng can be used in notebook, smart screen, mobile phone, car central control and other fields. < p > < p > Huawei has expended so much energy to build Hongmeng, which will definitely not be released in a hurry. As long as it can be carried on a mobile phone, it can ensure that Hongmeng is perfect enough. < / P > < p > this key is in Huawei’s hands, and it will soon be displayed in front of everyone again. It is believed that Hongmeng OS will make an amazing appearance at the Huawei developer conference in 2020. In order to enable the cooperative developers to adapt, Huawei has also launched the ark compiler to enable system manufacturers to adapt. < / P > < p > although Huawei chips are cut off, this will not affect the development of Huawei’s other businesses. Even if the mobile phone market is locked in the future, with Hongmeng in hand, it can also connect system manufacturers and software developers to layout together. This is not the participation of Huawei alone, but the common development and progress of the whole market. < / P > < p > the two major mobile phone operating systems in the world are from the United States. Huawei is building its own operating system. There is only one final result, and that is success. Privacy Policy