Although Xiaomi mobile phone is cheap, you will regret it if you buy it wrong. Remember the principle of “three don’t buy it”

In order to obtain more users, mobile phone manufacturers often launch multiple brands, and a brand often has multiple series, which makes many consumers in the purchase of difficult problems, and it is easy to step on thunder if they are not careful. Among them,

pianke models are more common among major mobile phone brands, and Xiaomi is no exception. When watching the official publicity, users should not see one of them is very excellent, so they should consider the mobile phone comprehensively and try to avoid the model with single selling point. For example, Xiaomi cc9 pro, which was released in November last year, is a partial model. It has attracted many consumers with its 108 million pixel rear five camera.

Moreover, the starting price of Xiaomi cc9 Pro is 2799 yuan, which is not expensive. However, on a closer look, it is found that it is carrying a snapdragon 730g chip, which adopts an 8nm process, belonging to the ranks of mid end chips, and its performance is slightly inferior. Only this one defect greatly reduced the level of millet CC9 Pro, making it make complaints about the public.

in order to impact the high-end, Xiaomi shows great sincerity. Xiaomi 10 series is the most cost-effective high-end mobile phone. With the status of “high-end flagship aircraft goalkeeper”, the popularity of Xiaomi 10 has not decreased for many months. Although the sales volume of Xiaomi 10 Pro is slightly inferior, it is also good. However, the 12gb + 512gb version of Xiaomi 10 Pro is not recommended.

first, because the memory is too large, I’m afraid that when the mobile phone can’t be used, the memory will not be used up, which is a waste of money. Second, because Xiaomi 10 Pro top configuration version as high as 5999 yuan, lost the original cost performance. Moreover, in the same price of mobile phones, there is no lack of the existence of Xiaomi 10 Pro which is more worthy of purchase, so this machine has no advantage. Therefore, Xiaomi can buy high-end products, but don’t buy top matching version.

red rice is famous for its cost performance, and it has many models with strong comprehensive ability and low price. For example, Hongmi K30 became the cheapest 5g mobile phone at that time with the price of 1999 yuan. But the price of the top version is 2899 yuan, which is not worth buying compared with the same price. Instead of buying red rice 1000 yuan set-top configuration, it is better to buy the standard version of the mid-range computer with higher cost performance.

in addition, in addition to the above “three don’t buy”, users still need to carefully choose the parameters and user evaluation when purchasing millet mobile phones. After all, there are so many millet models that mistakes are inevitable.

Author: zmhuaxia