Always use it, always cool? Iqoo 5 new flagship comes with powerful configuration

More and more 5g mobile phones are constantly released, and many people have already begun to choose the 5g mobile phone suitable for them. For many people, choosing a mobile phone is more about meeting more daily needs. At the same time, iqoo 5 has become one of the hottest models. This mobile phone is more attractive because of its 865 processor, 120Hz super vision flexible screen, 55W super flash charging and 1 / 1.3-inch super bottom camera. Users can not only enjoy the pleasure brought by powerful hardware blessing, but also experience the different photography experience brought by super large bottom main camera. Many media have also commented on this mobile phone, and the competitiveness of iqoo 5 as a flagship mobile phone can be imagined. < / P > < p > iqoo 5, as a brand new flagship mobile phone under iqoo, is of course full of materials in terms of mobile phone configuration. First of all, in the choice of processor, the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor is adopted, which makes data processing and calculation easy. With lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1 ultra fast flash memory, even if there are more applications with background task accumulation, iqoo 5 can handle it easily, without affecting the running speed of the mobile phone, so that users can have a happy experience all the time. < / P > < p > the rapid development of mobile games has driven the development of the mobile phone market, and more and more mobile phone manufacturers are paying more and more attention to improving the performance of mobile phones in games. Iqoo 5 with the blessing of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, it is easy to run all kinds of mobile games, and you need to be fluent to play mobile games. At the same time, the 120Hz super vision flexible screen with iqoo 5 also brings excellent game experience. With the 240Hz touch sampling rate, players can feel the unique experience brought by vision and touch when playing games, so that the mobile phone can keep up with your reaction. In addition, iqoo 5 also has the eagle eye display enhancement 2.0 function, which enhances the rendering of the details of the game scenes, and also makes it easier for players to distinguish the details of the scene, so that “Voldemort” has nowhere to hide. < / P > < p > How can a flagship mobile phone make endurance a short board? Iqoo 5 has 4500mAh super large battery, and combined with the unique power saving optimization technology, the endurance of iqoo 5 has doubled. The following figure shows the endurance test of iqoo 5 in full power state. As we all know, the power consumption speed of the game is the fastest, and iqoo 5 still has enough power left after running 30 minutes of peace elite and 30 minutes of King glory. Watching video and listening to music for one hour only consumes 8% of the power, which shows its strong endurance. < / P > < p > in addition to the large battery and power saving optimization technology, iqoo 5’s 55W ultra fast flash charging is indispensable, which is another great progress in iqoo 5’s flash charging. It only takes 50 minutes to make this mobile phone return to full blood state. Iqoo 5 also brings intelligent charging mode, which extends the battery life of mobile phones. < / P > < p > the overall performance of iqoo 5 is quite good, which well meets the needs of consumers in all aspects of mobile phones. It is expected that the flagship mobile phone with such superior performance will get excellent sales. If you are attracted by the strength of iqoo 5 at the moment, your heart is not as good as your action. Start immediately and feel its power. Privacy Policy