Amazing color matching + lightweight body, vivo S7 appearance makes people fall in love at first sight

Nowadays, 5g mobile phones emerge in an endless stream, but the similar appearance design has already made me lose the visual freshness. Looking at the current mobile phone market, there are only a few models that can catch my eye instantly, and “vivo S7” is one of them. Vivo S7 from the color matching to the whole machine design, can be said to be very exquisite, but also let me get a strong visual impression. How high is the appearance of vivo S7? Let’s take a look at it. < / P > < p > vivo s series has always had its own unique aesthetic style in color matching. Its products of all ages have super high appearance value, and vivo S7 naturally continues the consistent aesthetic gene of vivo s series. Vivo S7 has three new color schemes – Monet, jazz black and moonlight white. The three color matching styles are quite different, but they all show the flavor of fashion. < / P > < p > among them, Monet diffuse color is one of the colors that brings me the most shocking visual experience. This color matching is inspired by master Monet’s oil painting works. The combination of cold and warm colors makes the whole machine full of strong artistic flavor. It is worth mentioning that the Ag glass technology is introduced into the back panel of vivo S7, which not only creates a kind of hazy beauty, but also makes it present different light and shadow changing effects in each perspective. < / P > < p > the breakthrough in appearance design of vivo S7 is not only reflected in color matching, but also in some details, such as the design of rear camera module. Vivo S7 by adding two-color cloud scale design, the whole image module looks more harmonious and unified, and full of ingenious thinking. Among them, the first step is the high ladder carrying the main camera, wide-angle lens and hierarchical black-and-white lens, and the second step is the middle ladder carrying the flash and screen printing, which not only gives a clean and orderly impression on the vision, but also makes the lens module better integrate with the fuselage. The lightweight fuselage design of vivo S7 is also a highlight of the whole machine. It compresses the thickness of the whole machine to 7.39mm, and the weight is only 170g. Among the 5g mobile phones with more than 200g at present, it is not easy for vivo S7 to be so light and thin. This also makes me not feel tired when holding the mobile phone for a long time. The appearance of vivo S7 really refreshes my cognition of 5g mobile phone “thick and heavy”. < / P > < p > in general, vivo S7 is full of sincerity from color selection, detail design to fuselage lightness. Vivo S7 designers have avant-garde thinking about mobile phone design. Based on this premise, they really create the appearance that conforms to the aesthetic preference of young people. The appearance and lightness of vivo S7 are quite outstanding among a large number of 5g mobile phones. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw such a conclusion: vivo S7 can be regarded as the benchmark of mobile phone aesthetics. Older posts →