Amazing, Google realizes your dream of raising a tiger at home

Scott Stein, who has been making 3D virtual animals at home during the anti epidemic period, seems to be out of fashion, but it still attracts people’s attention because of his tweet content. “I put a series of virtual 3D animals into the real world through Google search, which was fun,” he said Today, we have become busy office workers, and have no energy and time to go to the zoo or pet store. Ar animals add a lot of fun to the boring reality. Google recently added more ar visible things, such as bones, micro cellular structures, and animals may be more cute. < p > < p > more than a year ago, Google put 3D objects into Google search. To find them, you need to search Google for the objects you want. Think of an animal, type in, and see what happens. < / P > < p > there are many animals in Google search, as well as some space objects. According to Google and apple, the list of 3D objects is growing. < / P > < p > and then start Google Chrome to search for animals, not just tigers, and then in one place on the page is Google’s information box, which contains a “3D view” button. < / P > < p > click on it, and a viewer will appear showing where you can place the virtual animal, then follow the instructions to move your phone so that it can scan your floor, paying attention to leaving some extra space for it. < / P > < p > What if you can’t see the 3D button? You may be browsing it in desktop view mode. In Safari on IOS 13, you can try clicking on the AA icon on the search bar. If you see an option that says “request a mobile site,” click it. If you are in chrome, go to settings, see “request mobile website”, and click it. < / P > < p > crocodile, Pipa fish, ball python, brown bear, cat, cheetah, deer, dog, duck, eagle, emperor penguin, giant panda, goat, hedgehog, horse, leopard, lion, Macaw, octopus, beaver, shark, snake, tiger, turtle, wolf, etc., are still expanding. < / P > < p > you can download some ar compatible apps, which can be found in app store or Google play. For example: sketchfab is a free application with a large number of AR compatible 3D models. It is an online 3D object repository and has recently been updated to better support Apple’s ar. It’s a bit difficult to navigate, but you can put a lot of other user created things into your world. < / P > < p > I found scorpions, many dinosaurs, etc. However, it’s not a good choice for Kids: check out sketchfab for inappropriate or scary 3D models. < / P > < p > snapchat is also a good choice, with excellent facial filters and AR effects, as well as some animal transformation and camouflage. There may also be many terrible effects: insects crawling all over the body < p > < p > Baidu and other domestic browsers have also tried ar. For example, you just need to search “tiger 3D” to experience it, but the effect is a little awkward. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865