Amazing! Shenyang Street is high-tech giant screen, naked eyes feel virtual reality!

Shenyang middle street presents sci-fi outdoor screen! With the support of 5g platform, the big screen has successfully used the most popular video technology at present, showing the naked 3D visual effect and immersive visual enjoyment, making outdoor vision enter the era of virtual reality! < / P > < p > the scene you see now is that we can see the real 3D effect without wearing 3D glasses, which is commonly known as naked eye 3D. In fact, the technology behind it is quite complicated. Some time ago, we also saw that the shopping mall in South Korea, including Chongqing and Chengdu, showed a very shocking effect. This is the most popular 3D animation technology in the world at present. Combined with this special LED screen hardware, we have created a virtual 3D effect, which makes people enter into the shocking effect of the scene. From the technical point of view, it is the most popular at present, and it is also a new trend of outdoor large screen display in the future. < / P > < p > as the only 5g technology outdoor giant screen in Northeast China, it presents not only the shocking naked eye 3D effect like science fiction, but also the live broadcast and interactive human-computer interaction function. Tiktok:

, I heard from my friends today that we had a net red punch card in Shenyang Zhongjie street. I came to see this big screen deliberately. The scene felt really shocking. I also took quite a lot of videos. I would definitely send a bit of jitter to my daily attendance to get some powder. < / P > < p > today, I happened to see this large 3D screen when I was shopping. I used to use glasses to see the 3D effect. This time, I was shocked by 3D with naked eyes. This is the first time I have this feeling. < / P > < p > the future has come. In Shenyang middle street, a new national demonstration block, the perfect combination of giant screen innovation and technology, creative vision will surely ignite the whole country, keep pace with the most advanced video display technology in China, and jointly lead the new era of outdoor video in the future! Also will become Shenyang net red punch card place, Shenyang new business card! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!