Amazon operation center added

Ten new operation centers will be built in Madrid, Bombay, Bangalore, Patna, Lucknow, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, ludiana and Ahmedabad, and seven existing facilities will be expanded. < / P > < p > with this expansion, Amazon will have more than 60 logistics centers in 15 continents of India, with a total storage capacity of more than 32 million cubic feet. < / P > < p > the logistics network covers more than 8 million square feet of building area, larger than 100 football fields, and can store millions of goods. < / P > < p > compared with last year’s peak sales season, the storage capacity of standard goods in European operation centers will increase by nearly 13 million cubic feet, and Japan will increase by 1.5 million cubic feet. < / P > < p > through Amazon’s intelligent advertising management software, using the software will be more convenient than Amazon’s background operation. Through the software background, you can create new ads, ad groups and keywords in one-stop mode. The process is better than Amazon. After all, the software will be more intelligent than artificial. < / P > < p > √ then set up a budget. The budget should be increased, such as $10000. The main purpose is to attract Amazon’s attention and let Amazon know that you have money. < / P > < p > √ what really costs is the bid based on the keywords you set. You can also put the same SKU in more than one advertising group, make different bids, and test the best. < / P > < p > this standard is used to measure whether the overall ad spending per day is reasonable, so that the net profit can be kept at a relatively ideal value, which is also applicable to a single SKU. < / P > < p > √ advertising sales contribution ratio, advertising sales of the day / overall sales of the store on that day. This value varies with the promotion cycle and product cycle. The new product diversion period may be more than 50%, the mid-term 25%, and the late stage to less than 10%. < / P > < p > finally, cross border uncle also wants to say that to do a project well, whether it’s Amazon or anything else, it needs the perfect cooperation of the whole closed loop to really do a good job. < / P > < p > the cycle of Amazon is relatively long. It may take about 1-2 months to select a product, contact the factory for production arrangement, put it on the shelf and sell it at the final end. < / P > < p > some problems have not been experienced, so I don’t know how to deal with them. However, the cross-border e-commerce sellers will have a deep memory of the problems they have experienced. < / P > < p > search “cross border database” on to get market opportunities, hot selling products reports of major platforms and white papers of cross-border e-commerce marketing in Europe, America and Southeast Asia! New product launch