American man bought Tesla stock for 7.5 dollars, today worth ten million and announced his retirement

A man in the United States declared financial freedom last week and retired at the age of 39. Because he bought Tesla’s stock when the stock price was only 7.5 US dollars, and then kept buying, and now he is worth nearly 12 million US dollars.

The Amazon employee posted on social media: “Today, I retired from the corporate world at the age of 39. I will not sell any Tesla shares for the foreseeable future.” He currently holds approximately US$12 million in value. .

In 2013, 2500 Tesla shares were purchased for the first time at a purchase price of US$7.50. The current market value of these shares is approximately US$2.2 million. Later, he continued to buy Tesla shares, and currently holds 14,850 shares in total, with an average holding cost of $58.