American technology giant is going to have a headache!

It finally happened. After threatening for a month, President trump issued an executive order on national security grounds to ban the use of tiktok and wechat in China, which is popular in the United States. The threat of Trump’s command to Chinese application is obvious. But the details listed in the order may also be a headache for us technology giants in the future. For example, trump said tiktok collects location data and user activity information that “could” be used for blackmail and commercial espionage. This statement also applies to all social media applications in the United States. The problem is that the rhetoric opens the door to other countries using similar reasons to ban US applications. After such a long investigation, where is the strong evidence for these applications? Trump’s executive order did not mention a word. < / P > < p > technology giants in the United States are concerned about these effects. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said earlier this week that companies need to understand the rules of business when investing in the United States. He doubted the timing of the threat ban: “if this is such a clear thing, why didn’t it come up three months ago or six months ago?” < / P > < p > if the restrictions are implemented, it will also bring spiritual and economic difficulties to many Americans who rely on the app to communicate and make a living. During the current epidemic, many e-commerce entrepreneurs, aspiring musicians and online celebrities rely on tiktok as the most effective marketing channel. Tiktok says 100 million U.S. users are using their app. For the White House, which has repeatedly complained in recent months about censorship of conservative voices, it seems hypocritical to shut down the information channels of millions of Americans, many of whom are trump supporters with large fans. The United States should establish a multilateral cooperative relationship with its allies on the basis of a strong legal framework, and provide a set of clear and convincing evidence against China. However, unfortunately, this administration’s strategy is the opposite, taking advantage of people’s fears and suspicions by adopting hasty, seemingly arbitrary decisions in the months leading up to the election. A policy that has not been comprehensively considered will not have much effect, but will lead to unexpected consequences. ▲Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year