Americans also face a big problem: Apple or wechat

Wechat is now closely connected with the whole Chinese market. It is not only a simple social software, but also a wallet for many consumers. Now many consumers choose to pay by wechat or use some small programs on wechat to complete the order ordering, purchasing, payment and other processes when they go shopping. Even many people can’t imagine what their life would be like without wechat payment. < / P > < p > of course, what we can’t imagine is not only these ordinary consumers, but also many American enterprises in China, such as Starbucks, KFC, Disney and McDonald’s, which are very common. After US President Trump’s decision to ban the use of wechat, these enterprises began to fall into a deep “anxiety”. < p > < p > according to a previous report on the UK website, given the popularity of wechat payment in China, these US corporate giants are worried whether such a move by the White House will hinder their business in China. < / P > < p > in the report, according to the consumption environment of the Chinese market, these American enterprises have opened many functions by using wechat. These functions can not only help these enterprises better serve consumers, but also greatly improve their efficiency. But it also said in the report that “banning U.S. companies from using the app may put apple and other technology companies at risk of losing a large number of customers.”. < / P > < p > some experts even said, “the ban may mean that the smartphone manufacturer will be required to remove wechat and wechat payment from the IOS store.”. As a result, a multiple-choice question is put in front of many Chinese consumers, whether to choose apple mobile phone or wechat, which they rely on very much. I believe this answer should not need too much discussion. < / P > < p > these American enterprises are not completely irreplaceable. Since these enterprises can no longer use wechat payment, there will naturally be similar types of brands that can use wechat payment. In the competitive Chinese market, it can be said that there is no need to worry about this. “Trump is likely to cut off the entire growth area of many companies,” said Neil, head of mirabo securities. Because the profit growth in the Chinese market is more and more important to these American enterprises. When trump announced that he would ban wechat, the most direct thing was to affect these new economic fields, which has become the focus of many American enterprises’ worries. However, obviously trump only banned one Chinese software for himself, but he didn’t expect that the Chinese software has now It has had a great impact on the world and these American enterprises, and it is the American economy that will be affected ultimately. Privacy Policy