An important leap! Successful spaceship test, the dream of human civilization moving to Mars is just around the corner

There are eight planets in the solar system, but there are only three planets in the habitable zone: Venus, earth and Mars. Among the three planets, except for the earth, the other two are very desolate. Venus is a purgatory planet with severe greenhouse effect. The surface temperature is as high as 460 ℃. The environment of Mars is much better than that of Venus, so Mars is the most explored planet in the past half century. The ultimate goal of human exploration of Mars is to make Mars a “second home” for human beings. < / P > < p > some people may say, we have a good time on earth, why go to Mars? In fact, from the perspective of the future development of mankind, the way of interstellar migration is inevitable. In addition, due to the more and more serious damage to the earth’s ecology caused by human industrial activities, the earth may become an uninhabitable bad planet in the future. At that time, if we did not have a second home to retreat from, then human civilization would come to an end. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, we must prepare a second home or even a third home in the solar system. Judging from our current exploration of the solar system, Mars is the most promising target planet to become the second home of mankind. < / P > < p > in order to explore Mars and realize the dream of Mars migration in the future, not only the powerful countries in the world are carrying out, but also some relatively powerful international companies are making continuous efforts. One of the most famous should be musk, for this famous entrepreneur, I believe many friends know that he is a very famous person. His fame mainly comes from his investment in space exploration. Musk’s company is the first company in the world to vigorously carry out space exploration. An important space exploration direction of musk is to enable human beings to immigrate to Mars, and has made a lot of scientific research efforts. These efforts have made Musk’s company become a group of navigation technology in the world no less than that of some countries. A powerful aerospace enterprise can only be compared with a powerful private enterprise. Since the beginning of August, the Starship test prototype carrying the dream of elun Musk’s Mars migration has carried out the first hover test at a height of 150 meters. It’s also the most important test so far. < / P > < p > after ignition, the prototype SN5 of the spacecraft rises to the predetermined height of 150 meters. While maintaining the altitude, it moves horizontally to the nearby landing area and then slowly lands, finally landing smoothly. The whole process takes about one minute. Don’t underestimate this short test, it can be said to be an important test of human interstellar navigation. Elon Musk’s dream of sailing has taken a step further, according to one of his public data, the hope is to send 1 million people to Mars with 1000 rockets. Then he set up a city on Mars and changed the environment of Mars. Maybe in the cognition of many people, musk paid so much to immigrate to Mars. The possibility of realizing it is very small. For today’s human science and technology, the space exploration program itself is a bottomless hole that is difficult to see benefits in the short term. Such a goal may be beyond the reach of many small countries, let alone a private enterprise. It can be said that musk invested a lot of his commercial profits into the space field. < / P > < p > so is musk really stupid? Of course not. If musk is stupid, he can not become a business giant and build his own business empire. The reason why musk makes such efforts in space exploration is for the future. Everyone knows that the future direction of human development is in space. < / P > < p > whoever has mastered higher space technology will be able to take a step ahead. Let’s take the most basic spaceship as an example. If we have more mature spacecraft technology, then space travel, space mining, space migration and so on can be realized. Apart from the rest, let’s take space mining as an example. In addition to the eight major planets, there are countless asteroids in the solar system. However, these asteroids are rich in mineral resources. If we have advanced space mining technology, they represent infinite wealth. Just imagine that in the future, if musk is the first enterprise in the world to master advanced space mining technology, the increase in wealth will be terrible, and the annual income of several trillion yuan may be small. Any asteroid may bring billions, tens of billions or even trillions of resources. It can be seen from this that Musk’s efforts to explore and study spaceship technology is a smart choice. Of course, many enterprises can also see this prospect, but as we said above, this is a bottomless hole, and how much investment is needed to achieve it is still an unknown number. So, even though we know that the development of space technology is a trend, there are few that can play. Therefore, musk is the only one who dares to develop spaceship technology. < p > < p > Musk’s dream is to send a fleet of 1000 ships to Mars in the next 10 years. Can this dream come true? In fact, the possibility is very small. Even if musk can build a batch of spaceships carrying 1 million people in the next 10 years, he may not be able to realize the migration to Mars. < / P > < p > the reason is that if the environment of Mars is to be suitable for human survival, it needs a lot of transformation and needs to last for a longer time. At present, the Mars environment is still relatively bad for human beings, and it is impossible to live in it. Mars has only a very thin atmosphere, and its magnetic field is very weak, so the climate of Mars is still relatively cold, and the radiation from the sun and the universe to Mars is also very strong. < p > < p > we should know that human physical fitness is relatively weak for the environment. We can’t survive in low gravity for a long time, we can’t survive in a high radiation environment. Second, we need to transform the environment of Mars into a human home. We need to warm Mars to a temperature similar to the earth’s climate. < / P > < p > we also need to thicken the atmosphere of Mars to block all kinds of radiation from the universe. At the same time, Mars needs a lot of liquid water resources on its surface. Without water, human beings can’t live. What’s more, Mars needs a lot of green plants. With plants, it can release oxygen and constantly change the composition and structure of Mars’ atmosphere. < / P > < p > and to achieve this series of transformations, ideally, scientists estimate that it will take at least 300 years. That is to say, even if we have stronger space technology in the next few decades to be able to carry out preliminary interstellar navigation, it will not be possible to live on Mars. Of course, before that, we can build a closed ecological environment on Mars and let a small number of people migrate to Mars. < / P > < p > therefore, the possibility of moving to Mars in the future will become a reality, and Mars will probably become the second home of mankind. Only to achieve this goal, it is not possible to achieve it in the short term, but it needs the efforts of generations. Of course, the success of Musk’s spaceship test also shows us the hope of immigrating to Mars. 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