An unstoppable future is unfolding before our eyes

One morning in the future, you wake up leisurely from your dream and take a capsule containing nano robot which has been prepared by your bed. It “patrol” in the body after a circle, sent a pleasant signal – no infection, no damage, the health of the body, all balance. It’s a good day to wake up your brain. You don’t have to pick up a tired old cup, don’t worry about whether you forget to go to the supermarket to replenish coffee on weekends. You just need to sit in front of the computer and browse the web, choose your favorite cup style, customize your own coffee taste, or add a piece of cake – and then print it with one click. < / P > < p > soon, 3D printed cups and breakfast will appear – they accurately meet all your personality requirements, and closely integrate with the daily “patrol results” of nanorobots, automatically eliminating all ingredients that may make you allergic or offensive. < / P > < p > you walk to the window with a cup in your hand. Outside the window, there is a flow of automatic driving vehicles moving forward like an assembly line. There will be no traffic jams or permanent accidents. Now, every little thing like driving is done by robots, so on this wonderful day, all you have to do is “learn” and explore everything you like according to your interests. < / P > < p > as you read philosophy, you plan to retire with your lover next month or next year to mimic the garden of Eden. There, people will slowly transplant their personal consciousness into the computer, reside in the artificial neurons and circuits, get rid of the bondage of the body, and let the consciousness and brain explore and reach the further scenery lightly. < / P > < p > zoom out, you are on an unknown planet, and many small planets around it are undoubtedly the same as the one you live in at this time, flashing human light This “silhouette of future life” seems so arrogant at the moment, but in the professional deduction of Israeli futurologist Roy zezana, everything is gradual and within reach. When it comes to Israeli futurists, Chinese readers are familiar with Yuval herali. In his trilogy, euval herali showed readers the future social prospect from the perspective of humanism. However, Roy zezana, who is also an Israeli futurist, is good at explaining and predicting the future from the perspective of science and technology, and describes the life scene of “heavy technology” in the future, three possible world changing scientific and technological revolutions, possible value collisions and crises, and the ultimate journey of mankind. < p > < p > Yuval herali also praised his friend’s research on “how technology shapes the future” for “interesting and insightful” – “you will know where human beings are going.” Recently, Roy zezana’s works were introduced into China for the first time. A reporter from south wind window interviewed Roy zezana to discuss with him the prospect of the future, the great energy of science and technology, and the way for human beings to live and return. Before he really became a futurist, Roy zezana was a fan of science fiction from his childhood, “they can take me to another new world.”. The new world depicted in the science fiction is sometimes a better world: well fed, civilized, and full of incredible convenience and surprise. However, more often than not, science fiction ultimately points to a bleak future for mankind, which brings destruction and pain to the world inhabited by human beings and destroys themselves in some cruel way. Can < / P > < p > avoid the possible destruction? If human beings can deduce the possibility of the future, be prepared and think carefully about every step that will be taken, can we do better? As a result, Roy zezana became a futurist, using knowledge to “explore the path to the future, understand the opportunities and risks they bring to us, and help others better prepare for it.”. After becoming a futurist, Roy zezana found that the so-called “predicting the future” is not able to know in detail what will happen in the future, and futurists can not accurately describe the future. “If you look forward to a comprehensive, detailed guide, such as the names of all the companies that are going to be successful in the next five years, or if you want to predict the price of Nasdaq stock tomorrow, I’m sorry to disappoint you.” < / P > < p > “we can’t predict a certain future with absolute certainty, but we can only sketch out a lot of possibilities”. Roy zezana believes that futurists provide the way forward and general direction for the world. This scientific landmark can lead the government, institutions and the public to explore together in the misty development path, although the “visibility” is not enough “But as futurists Peter bishop and Andy Haines put it,” if the future isn’t known, is it better to know something than to know nothing? ” < / P > < p > in order to complete and outline the future as clearly as possible, Roy zezana interviewed many AI experts, medical doctors and scientists, and gradually pieced together the possibility of the future. It is a “people are genetically engineered, children can make anything they want with 3D printers at home, and have the ability to revive the dead and use their voices The new world of “voice speaking computer”. < p > < p > in 2012, Roy zezana interviewed a researcher who studies the human brain. He was experimenting with a “brain pacemaker” – a device that can enter the human brain and regulate its work to alleviate schizophrenia and dementia. “Nothing is more important than the human mind.” in the research and interview of putting together the future puzzle, Roy zezana was deeply impressed by this “brain pacemaker” experiment. He told reporters that any technology that can improve human thinking will bring incredible benefits to the world. According to Roy zezana, the real joy of studying the future is to believe that what’s happening to humans right now will change because of technology. < / P > < p > specific to a certain disease, a certain life difficulty, abstract to a certain concept, a certain thinking cognition, through caring about the future and paying attention to technology, those trivial and narrow-minded such as “international war and xenophobic psychology” may be changed by the future technology, so that the present dilemma is no longer a problem. As a curious futurist, Roy zezana sequenced his genome very early and found that he had a genetic mutation, which made him likely to develop some kind of cancer in the future. < / P > < p > “I now know my future first and understand what I should do to avoid it if possible.” But more important than that, Roy zezana knows that he carries the mutation, and there’s a 50% chance that it will be transferred to his children. “I can also prevent it early to make sure my child doesn’t have this mutation. I can protect my children’s future because of my early concern and active understanding of the future. According to Roy zezana, the only way to connect the present and the future is to learn – continuous learning can acquire new skills, new languages, new ideas and ideas. Charlemagne once said, “every new language you learn gives you another soul.” “I believe all knowledge is the same. Keep learning and you will be better prepared for the future. ” The three protagonists of the revolution are not unfamiliar to us: 3D printing technology, which has been popular recently, computer technology, which has always helped human beings to climb, human beings and all kinds of creatures in the world. < / P > < p > in this revolution, with the popularization of 3D printing skills at a low threshold, the prices of raw materials and equipment required fall. From expensive artworks to small sweater buttons, every ordinary person can master the ability to design and manufacture various materials and articles. The design of physical objects will also become the flow of information on the Internet – anything you see on the Internet can be turned into real objects with 3D printers. < / P > < p > in a few days, food, medicine and even human organs can be realized through 3D printing. These unique “non batch” items can be designed and adjusted by users. The unique “non batch” items will transfer the manufacturing capacity from large factories and rich people to the general public, enhance human creativity and weaken hierarchical differentiation to a certain extent. The second revolution is the intelligent revolution. Robots, driving automation, and virtual entities will gradually occupy the existing human jobs. Computers begin to imitate some human language and thinking abilities, and human beings have also been improved in the mutual learning of computers. The boundaries between human beings and computers, living and dead people will become blurred, “Immortality” is likely to be realized through technology, and the definition of human beings will be constantly transcended. The third revolution is the biological revolution. Human beings will crack the gene and genetic code of themselves and other organisms, win the biological control over themselves and other species, and exert intervention and influence. In the future of this revolution, human beings can give full play to their potential without worrying about their fate. Humans can use the power of nanotechnology to reconstruct the world around them and reshape their bodies. < / P > < p > the development of the three revolutions will not only rewrite the future life of human beings in their respective fields, but also stimulate the future scenes in their dreams: Nanotechnology and 3D printing technology will make “print on demand” become a daily life, open an era of material abundance and usher in a utopian future; intelligent revolution and biological revolution will lead to Homo sapiens With the end of human beings and the beginning of a new species, human beings will transcend themselves and enter into a larger, richer and more complex living state In the end, the three revolutions will converge in outer space, enabling human beings to immigrate to other planets in the form of computer or biology, and bring human spirit, thought and culture to other planets or further places, so as to inject life into the universe. It is self-evident that “P < 3D", as always, is a part of the "old civilization" that "P > has never been broken, and” we have been exploring a new “part of” P < 3D ". < / P > < p > in the future, the “new old era”, where will human beings eventually go? Roy zezana quotes the famous astronomer Carl Sagan to answer this question: “we all have supernovae and stellar atoms in our bodies. We all come from the dust of the deep sky. ” < / P > < p > “imagine a climber struggling to the top of a steep mountain. The mountain is almost unknown. He knew that if he took a step forward, he would step into the unknown and accomplish great things, but if he took the wrong step, he would be broken to pieces. People today are in a similar situation. ” In Roy zezana’s works, human beings who have experienced three revolutions, have advanced technology and are separated from the physical world will have a completely different living state in the future.