Analysis of log ice blade double screen technology

Since the birth of the avant-garde design concept of dual screen notebook computer, major manufacturers have begun to explore and polish constantly. In recent years, a number of notebook computers using dual screen technology have entered the consumer market, including some excellent products such as ASUS lingyao x2 released last year. At this year’s new product launch of Rog 2020, Rog released another product that let the player group “worship” — Rog ice blade double screen lightweight video game book. Its unique sub screen design language matches the top-level core hardware, which means that a new “computer king” has been born.

the main screen of Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight video game book has a screen refresh rate of up to 300Hz, an ultra-low display delay of 3MS, and g-sync anti tearing technology. It has passed Pantone color certification, and its color gamut coverage is 100% sRGB. Whether it is to display game content or watch ultra high definition video, the color performance and fineness of this main screen belong to the first echelon of game book.

what’s more brilliant is the Rog screen pad plus touch screen, which has a 14.1-inch resolution of 3840 * 1100 pixels. It uses ultra narrow frame design language, and its extremely high screen proportion allows it to be placed above the keyboard area of C plane, and the display content is further increased.

in practical application, the sub touch screen of Rog screenpad plus also has strong practicability. Users can easily adjust the display contents of the main screen and the sub screen through the built-in overwolf software, so as to realize multi task running at the same time. This function is very useful for programmers or designers in drawing. What’s more, its performance in multiple games can also be called “open” level. Take the current popular game as an example. In the process of regular games, players usually check the equipment, status, skill cooling and other details of enemy and self players in the game through the tab key. However, after pressing the button, the information interface will block the field of vision, and players can’t clearly view the progress status of the hero. Players are easy to be attacked or killed in groups during this period of time.

when using the Rog ice blade dual screen thin game book, the display interface after pressing the tab key can be moved to the sub screen, and the player can operate without blocking the main screen’s vision, so as to avoid mistakes and master the fighter at all times. In addition, the sub screen of Rog screenpad plus also supports regional content display. For anchor players, the sub screen area can be divided into three areas: live information, live BGM, and game function area. The live broadcast efficiency will be greatly improved.

as a masterpiece of Rog’s cutting-edge technology, the Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight game book adopts the latest 10 generation core i9-10980hk processor in the core part, with eight cores and sixteen threads. Through Intel max3.0 Rui frequency technology, the clock acceleration frequency can be increased to 5.3GHz, and the task processing ability is greatly improved, and wi wi wi wi is integrated 6 wireless technology, so that it does not need to connect the network cable can be used at any time.

on the other hand, Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight game book is equipped with NVIDIA geforce RTX 2080 super, max-q design graphics card, 8GB gddr6 video memory, based on Turing architecture design, supporting RTX ray tracing and dlss2.0 image quality enhancement technology. With Rog boost overclocking technology, the frequency can be increased to 1330mhz, greatly improving the picture quality and the number of game frames. Even if the screen requirements are strict, there is no problem.

although it has only a 20.5mm thin body, Rog ice blade dual screen has not made any compromise on the interface. It has prepared rich interfaces for users with expansion needs, including usb3.2gen 2 type A interface, microphone and HDMI interface. The type C interface supporting dp1.4 protocol and lightning 3 technology can fully meet the needs of users with external display cards or displays.

in other aspects, the near perfect Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight game book is equipped with Rog’s top ice cooling architecture 2.0 pro, and the combination of 32GB of super memory and 2TB of solid-state hard disk, which truly achieves the top-level configuration of game notebook.

the new Rog ice blade dual screen notebook, with its surging strength and excellent experience, makes similar products incomparable. Type is still available now

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