Analysis of mobile phone market: Although 5g is the general trend, 4G mobile phone still dominates

Recently, the China Academy of communications and communications released an analysis report on China’s mobile phone market in October 2020. According to the data, from January to October 2020, the domestic smartphone shipment volume is 252 million, including 124 million 5g mobile phones and 128 million 4G mobile phones. This data surprised many people. 2020 is the second year for China to enter 5g. However, 4G mobile phones are still the mainstream of the market. Analysts from the strategic data Department said that from the perspective of mobile phone consumption, high performance is not the only pursuit of consumers. Although 5g’s attention is increasing, 4G mobile phones can still meet the daily needs. At the same time, Chinese consumers are price sensitive, and the transfer of second-hand trading platform with cost-effectiveness has become the main channel for more people to trade second-hand mobile phones. < p > < p > China Academy of communications and communications released the analysis report on the operation of domestic mobile phone market in October 2020. According to the report, the total number of mobile phones shipped in the domestic market was 26.153 million, of which 16.76 million were 5g mobile phones, accounting for 64.1% of the total mobile phone shipments in the same period. < / P > < p > combined with the data of previous months, from January to October of 2020, the total domestic mobile phone market shipment volume totaled 252 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 22.1%. From January to October, the domestic market had 124 million 5g mobile phones and 183 new models, accounting for 49.4% and 47.3% respectively. Analysts from the strategic data division said that this year is a key year for 4G to switch to 5g in an all-round way. At present, the mobile phones launched by various mobile phone manufacturers are mainly 5g new ones. It is expected that the proportion of 5g mobile phones will further expand by the end of this year. Obviously, it is the general trend that 5g becomes the mainstream, but it does not mean 4G delisting. The long-term coexistence of 5g and 4G will be the normal. At the same time, the mobile phone market is booming. In addition to the iPhone without 5g, domestic 4G mobile phones such as huami ov are also popular in the second-hand market. According to the data from the platform, 4G mobile phones are still the most popular models in the second-hand market. Among them, apple 4G mobile phone is the most popular, occupying the top five hot selling models for a long time. During the 28 hour promotion of the second-hand event of “turn & find beautiful machine 11.11”, the most popular mobile phone brands were apple, Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and oppo, while the top 5 second-hand mobile phones purchased by consumers were dominated by iPhone. Analysts from the strategic data division said that in the second mobile phone market, Apple’s products tend to have a stronger ability to maintain value and have always been loved by consumers. Self use is very comfortable, also save money, easy to hand, can return blood, is the main consideration of many second mobile phone consumers. < / P > < p > on the one hand, with the promotion of 5g network commercialization, bad users have chosen to change their phones. The idle 4G smart phones must be the second-hand market. The effective increase in supply is an important reason for the prosperity of the second-hand mobile phone market. On the other hand, compared with 4G and 5g new phones, the price of second-hand mobile phones is more cost-effective and cost-effective. < / P > < p > at present, the price of the 99 new converted to yanxuan self operated 64g iPhone 11 is 3871 yuan, which is more than 500 yuan cheaper than the price of the new e-commerce platform, and the price performance advantage is very obvious. At the same time, as a dark horse in the second-hand market, the price of the iPhone 7 is also user-friendly. 99% of the new 32g mobile phones sell for only 1351 yuan on the transfer platform, about 1200 yuan lower than the price of the new e-commerce platform. It can be said that for the fruit noodles who pursue the cost performance ratio, it is actually a better choice to purchase a mobile phone with strict selection, which can take into account technology, function and price advantage. However, judging from the data in the past 10 months, although 4G mobile phone shipment is the mainstream, the popularity of 5g mobile phones is still the general trend. In the gap between 4G and 5g, it is an excellent opportunity for consumers who want to start with high price mobile phones to purchase second-hand mobile phones. For the consumers who are ready to taste 5g, it is also possible to stop the loss in time by selling 4G mobile phones. Science Discovery