Analysts predict Apple will launch a pure 4G version of the iPhone 12 in early 2021

Wedbush initially expected apple to launch a hybrid version of the iPhone 12 with 4G and 5g support this fall. But the company revised its forecast after a recent Asian supply chain study and now says it expects apple to launch a number of 5g iPhones in the autumn and a cheaper 4G model in early 2021. < p > < p > analyst Ives told business insider that Apple may launch the 4G only version in February or so, and this version of the iPhone 12 is expected to be cheaper than the 5g model launched in September. Other details about the device are unclear, but Ives predicts that Apple may price a non-5g iPhone at around $800. He also said Apple is unlikely to raise the price of the iPhone this year, even for 5g enabled models. Apple is likely to launch some 5g models below $1000, as well as others that are priced close to the iPhone 11 pro, echoing his forecast last month. < / P > < p > & quot; price points will be positive because Apple is going to pursue their broader customer base, & quot; Ives said, & quot; especially in a recession, in the context of covid-19, they need to make sure they cover all price segments. &Recently, Apple launched the $400 iPhone Se in April, which has already paid off for the tech giant. Apple said in a recent earnings call that Apple attributed the growth of its iPhone division in the third quarter to factors such as the excellent sales performance of the iPhone se. According to previous reports, apple is expected to release four versions of the iPhone 12 this fall, all of which are said to support 5g networks. Apple is likely to introduce a new size selection and design closer to the iPad pro, according to TF International Securities analyst Guo Mingji and Bloomberg. < / P > < p > it home understands that Apple usually releases new iPhones in mid September and starts selling them later in the same month, but the company has said it expects the next generation of iPhones to arrive this year a few weeks later than usual due to the popularity of the covid-19. Privacy Policy