And I got the certificate. Neusoft medical’s new Dr allows you to see a doctor

Recently, Neusoft Medical Co., Ltd., which has formally submitted the prospectus to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, has made a lot of big moves. In addition to making great efforts in the domestic and international anti epidemic activities, in the first half of the year, many of its new products have been listed one after another. Instead of being affected by the epidemic situation, the pace of innovative research and development has not been affected by the epidemic situation, but has made great progress in science and technology and innovation research Both hands should be firm. < / P > < p > among the series of new products released by neuvison medical, neuvison 650 “Xiaoyao” has attracted strong attention from the outside world. Why is this “Xiaoyao” Dr with natural care and “people” as its name has such a great charm? “Xiaoyao” the product name is a gimmick or a big gimmick, let’s take you to find out. Neuvison is the first high-end suspension Dr new product of neuvison 650 “carefree”, with real-time visual image monitoring, visual irradiation field auxiliary reference, visual photography center indication, visual height intelligent recognition, eliminates the observation blind area, and takes care of the examinees from a full perspective; innovates sound and shadow prompt system and equipment status sound and shadow assistance, making human-computer interaction enter a new intelligent era; “low” “Dose” low-dose algorithm technology, adaptive adjustment of X-ray energy spectrum, makes the optimal radiation dose; the integration of panoramic intelligent splicing, super intelligent filter grid, bone free and other patent technologies completely subverts the traditional application of suspension Dr, and leads the development of Dr industry into a new era of “high-definition visualization”. < / P > < p > “to apply patent technology to product design and refine it into a brand-new product with aesthetic art and philosophy. This kind of integration and experience is” carefree “. < p > < p > neuvison 650 “Xiaoyao” adopts advanced equalization technology to ensure perfect restoration of image details, reasonable control of image structure, contrast and dynamic range. The full-size, full field flat panel detector with optimized exposure technology can accurately and automatically detect the composition of the subject’s photographic tissue, and automatically fuse and optimize the best photographic conditions. The super intelligent filter grid technology uses software processing method to replace the traditional physical filter grid, which can effectively remove the interference of scattered rays on the image quality, improve the image quality and significantly reduce the radiation dose. < / P > < p > the dual board configuration eliminates the switching between the flat panel detector and the camera bed, effectively reducing the technician’s work; the automatic suction flat loading mode, equipped with real-time online charging function, brings you unprecedented high-end experience. Double position tracking, the system supports double position automatic tracking of vertical position and horizontal position, and supports angle tracking between ball tube and flat plate, which greatly improves the working efficiency of operators. Dual source control, remote control, near platform operation, realize the dual source control of equipment movement, reduce the frequency of operator round trip. Common functions of doctors can be realized by wireless remote control mode, such as vertical position and horizontal position conversion, intelligent tracking switch, beam limiter control, automatic splicing and other functions. Dual source control, so that you can operate as you like. < / P > < p > “it takes only one glance to understand everything. There is no need for much speech, because the classic visual aids will build up the “telepathy” between doctors and patients. < / P > < p > visual guidance system, the first visual guidance system, contains expert level clinical projection and positioning pictures of all parts of the body, so as to provide immediate visual guidance for the examinees, assist the correct positioning, improve the cooperation degree of patients and enhance the safety of examination. Optical visualization system, the newly launched optical visualization system, visualized optical image, visual irradiation field auxiliary reference, and visual photography center instruction, all the dynamic of the subject can be fed back in real time in the acquisition workstation. The operator does not need to go back and forth between the examination room and the operation room. The status of the subject can be monitored in real time through the high-definition intelligent optical image in the compartment, so as to eliminate the blind area of observation To take care of the examinees from all angles.

  NeuVison 650 “Xiaoyao” height intelligent recognition, using artificial intelligence technology, tens of thousands of portraits for in-depth learning and training, through the artificial neural network to calculate the human body segmentation image, high-precision recognition of various posture, body type crowd, calculate the height of human chest photography, accurate feedback control equipment movement, realize accurate height intelligent recognition, realize the real “zero” Contact inspection process. Full automatic panoramic intelligent splicing adopts pixel level gray value fitting correction technology to realize automatic panoramic intelligent splicing. Single focus and multi focus splicing acquisition methods can meet the usage habits and clinical needs of all technicians, and can cooperate with panoramic splicing frame system. Intelligent sound and shadow indication system, a new era of human-computer interaction, needs more humanized information feedback from the equipment. The light and shadow system can provide light and shadow feedback for the start-up, standby, work, fault and other states of the equipment through the intelligent four color light belt. The sound and shadow system can give intelligent voice prompt to the equipment operation and inspection process. The intelligent sound and shadow indication system creates a new equipment state perception mode, Barrier free interaction, sound and color. < / P > < p > bone free bone inhibition function. Neusoft medical has launched bone free intelligent auxiliary software technology, which integrates artificial intelligence big data deep learning with medical image post-processing technology. It is an advanced software system that can realize rib inhibition with one key. One click bone removal can get rib inhibition image of chest X-ray at one time. Neuvison 650 of neuvison 650 of neuvison holds the flag of “Xiaoyao” and takes the initiative and attitude of domestic medical equipment. With the original intention of pushing oneself and others, integrating the power of innovation and technology, neuvison 650 penetrates “love” into every detail of product design. Because of this, Xiaoyao suspension Dr realizes real-time monitoring and visualization of visual images, leading the development of Dr industry into a new era of “high-definition visualization”. < / P > < p > love is a kind of power to push oneself and others, which comes from the heart and comes from the nature. Because of love, the world is better. We look forward to this carefree suspension Dr full of “love and beauty” to bring care and care to more patients in the future. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia