Andro is facing production halt! Next year will be the last generation. Is there a chance for Huawei and Xiaomi?

Despite the rapid development of domestic smart phones in the past few years, the market share of domestic smart phones has far exceeded that of South Korea, the United States and other smart phone brands, among which Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other mainstream brands perform particularly well. But objectively speaking, in the high-end flagship market, we still have a gap with Samsung and other brands. Compared with domestic flagship, Samsung’s super flagship mobile phones are more balanced in terms of screen, image, performance and so on. This is why the galaxy note series of past generations of Samsung has been called the king of Android. The reason why it is regarded as the flagship of Samsung’s Galaxy P > series is that it’s the flagship of Samsung’s Galaxy P > series, rather than its comprehensive performance. But in the last two years, there has been more and more news that Samsung will cancel the galaxy Note Series. Recently, according to a report, Samsung plans to introduce the pen pen pen function into the galaxy S21 Series in 2021, which will directly lead to almost no gap between the Galaxy S series and the galaxy Note Series. The industry speculates that Samsung’s move means cutting off the galaxy Note Series. However, it said Samsung will not cancel the note series so soon and will still launch the new Galaxy Note Series in 2021. < / P > < p > then why did Samsung cancel the galaxy Note Series? Except that the difference between Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note Series is getting smaller and smaller, but the sales volume of Galaxy S series is not outstanding. Samsung has always hoped to add s pen function to Galaxy S series to enhance its competitiveness, but it is faced with the challenge of competing with Galaxy S series However, with the launch of a new series of folding screen smart phones, Samsung has become the new series mainly promoted by Samsung in the second half of the year, which is more outstanding in many aspects. As a result, Samsung can effectively adjust its marketing strategy to attract customers to buy the galxy s series. < / P > < p > in fact, the first time it was reported that Samsung cancelled the galaxy note series of mobile phones was when Samsung launched the galaxy fold mobile phone in February 2019. It was positioned as a super flagship and also a super business mobile phone. This conflicts with the positioning of Samsung’s Galaxy note series, and achieved at least 400000 sales in the first year. < / P > < p > and earlier this year, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 Compared with the first generation products, 5g mobile phones are greatly improved in terms of wear resistance and practicability. The analysis institutions of Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones are also very optimistic. According to the latest report of market research company counterpoint research, Samsung may sell as many as 500000 Samsung Galaxy Z fold25g mobile phones by the end of 2020. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that according to the data of canalys, a well-known market research organization, the global sales volume of folding screen mobile phones from September 30, 2019 to the end of September 2020 is about 1.74 million, of which Samsung occupies as much as 60% of the market share, taking the lead in completing the mission of millions of folding screen mobile phones. However, Samsung’s internal target for 2020 is to ship 6 million units, although in the first half of the year, Samsung has set a target of shipping 6 million units Only one tenth has been completed, but some analysts predict that Samsung will sell 3-4 million folding screen mobile phones in 2020. < / P > < p > according to the information previously disclosed, Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be officially released at the end of this year or early next year, equipped with Samsung exynos 1000 series and Qualcomm snapdragon 875 chip, running Android 11 system, and the highest ultra version will be equipped with 5000mAh battery and s pen stylus. For the current product line adjustment, Samsung plans to merge the galaxy note series into the Galaxy S series, and replace the original note series with the fold series. < / P > < p > considering that the current market competitiveness of folding screen mobile phones in the next few years is limited to a small number of groups, Samsung Galaxy The suspension of the note series will result in a temporary vacancy in Samsung’s market stratification. This is a good opportunity for Huawei, which has already taken root in the high-end market in recent years, and Xiaomi, which has initially established itself in the high-end market. Of course, the premise is that Huawei can solve the current dilemma. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer