Android 11 officially released: coloros second level adaptation push!

At 1:10 a.m. Beijing time on September 9, Google released the official version of Android 11 in a low-key manner. Pixel series can be downloaded and updated to support all models of pixel 2 series and later. < / P > < p > for domestic users, it is of course worth paying more attention to when each manufacturer’s OS can be upgraded to adapt to Android 11. Quite unexpectedly, coloros actually achieved second level push this time! According to netizens’ feedback, their mobile phone has received a new version of coloros, which clearly indicates that the kernel is based on Android 11 and the compilation version number is pdhm00_ 11_ C. The volume reaches 3.57gb. < / P > < p > among them, the version number is coloros 11. It is not difficult to guess that this may be the next big version of coloros. At the same time, oppo also announced coloros The first is that the system interface supports free personalized customization, including modifying system style and color, customizing icon shape and color in control center, supporting third-party icon package on desktop, three dark modes, supporting wallpaper dimming and icon contrast adjustment, automatic switching dark mode at sunrise and sunset, etc 。 In the wave of aiot era, coloros 11 also strengthens the multi terminal interconnection, and multiple devices can be connected to each other without restriction. Among them, the watch interconnection supports the synchronization of alarm clock, and the mobile phone alarm clock can be controlled by the watch, while the mobile phone interconnection supports screen sharing, and remote users can watch and chat synchronously. < / P > < p > in other aspects, the new system has been carefully improved and optimized in performance, desktop, security and privacy, breeno screen recognition, games, communication, photo album, camera, barrier free and other aspects. < / P > < p > in fact, as early as June 22 this year, a few days after the release of Android 11 beta 1, coloros officially announced that the beta version of coloros based on the new system has been launched. First, it adapts to the find x2 series. Developers and fresh users can download the experience directly through the oppo open platform. < / P > < p > on Monday, the new version of coloros, based on Android 11, has been open for recruitment in the public test. It is aimed at five models: find X2, find x2 pro, find x2 Pro Lamborghini version, ACE2, ACE2 EVA limited edition. The two series of models are limited to 2000 people each. < / P > < p > at present, the users who have applied for approval have received the push of the new version. However, the current version of the system is still a beta version, and there may still be a few bugs. < / P > < p > new dark mode settings, you can freely choose enhanced, moderate, soft three dark styles, and support darkening wallpaper, icons and automatic contrast adjustment. The new dark mode is automatically turned on and off according to sunset and sunrise < / P > < p > new full immersion mode, closed game experience, Noninterference immersive games add game super play report, timely generate battle data, help game replay < / P > < p > new photos support heif format shooting, effectively save storage space, optimize photo album editing function, optimize image enhancement algorithm, add more brushes and style filters= -posts-wrapper target=_ blank>Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia