Android game must be magic! The mobile phone generates two systems with one key, and it also has its own root authority

I believe that many friends who use Android will have the need to use virtual location or other root permissions, but the root of many models is troublesome. Today, I would like to recommend a tool, < / P > < p > what is VMOS? VMOS is a completely independent virtual mobile phone system, which is not controlled by the real machine. It also comes with root authority, supports XP framework and Google suite to meet your various needs for playing computer. < / P > < p > because it is an independent virtual system, VMOS also supports many operations that native mobile phones do not have, such as opening more games, running games in the background, and so on. If you want to open more software such as wechat QQ, you can also achieve it through VMOS. If you can’t solve the problems with your own system, you can find it. VMOS can be returned to official account. < p > < p > in Xiaolei’s actual test, installing VMOS to open is a completely new system, in which root permission, xpxp framework and Google suite can be opened directly. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”