Android mobile phone wire brush upgrade, save brick general tutorial!

Enthusiasts are always tossing about their mobile phones from time to time. It has become a common practice for enthusiasts to brush their mobile phones. The methods and precautions of Android mobile phone brushing are basically universal, but what should be paid attention to? < / P > < p > tool tip: before swiping the machine, you should make a backup of your mobile phone. It is best to back up some important things such as business cards, memos, SMS, pictures, chat records, etc! The second is to download the thread brush package that you think is reliable. First, download the ROM package. The line brush is different from the card brush, so the location of the ROM package is different! < / P > < p > then we can proceed to the next step according to the tips of the brush tool. The tool will prompt you how to enter the manual brush mode. Some mobile phones start by pressing the home key + power on key, while others press the volume key down key + power on key. Different mobile phone models operate differently. If you use the thread brush tool to brush the machine, please go to the brush machine tutorial to see your mobile phone How to enter the manual brush mode. < / P > < p > before upgrading the wire brush or rescuing the brick, you should download the corresponding driver, and pay attention to select the firmware number higher than your mobile phone model, otherwise the mobile phone system will be unstable in the later stage. Then in the brush mode, find the ROM package suitable for your mobile phone. After analyzing for a moment, it will automatically enter the brush machine. < / P > < p > the tool prompts that before swiping the machine, several things should be done: the first is to restore the factory value of the mobile phone; the second is to clear the cache; the third is to clear the content of the second partition of the SD card; the fourth is to clear the battery usage record; the fifth is to clear the gravity sensing setting. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year