Android phones are easy to get stuck? Wechat is the “memory killer”. Try to turn it off

As everyone knows, mobile phone is mobile phone mobile phone nowadays, but people often use mobile phones. But Apple mobile phone system is more awesome, but after all, five thousand or six thousand of the price is not the best choice for most people. For this reason, our main mobile phones are Android mobile phones, such as HUAWEI. Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other domestic mobile phones, but often use Android phones, there is a problem.

although it doesn’t look like an Apple phone, it has signal problems or “three charges a day”, but Android phones generally have a problem, that is, after one or two years of use, it is easy to become stuck. In fact, people with more software in their mobile phones often suffer from the problem of stuck. As far as I know, the memory of mobile phones is mainly divided into two parts, The first part is the running memory provided to the software runtime, and the second part is the non running memory for storing files.

if Android phones are easy to get stuck? In my experience, wechat is actually the “memory killer”. Try to turn off this default function! At the beginning of using wechat, we didn’t actually take up non running memory. After all, the size of wechat ontology file was only about 100MB. However, after using it for a period of time, because of a default function of wechat, memory garbage will continue to accumulate, resulting in more and more stuck Mobile phones, especially those who have more wechat friends and group chat.

the default enabled function is the “automatic download” function of wechat. We need to find the “photos, videos and files” column in the general settings. After opening it, you can find that our “automatic download” function has always been enabled by default. When cleaning the garbage, the automatically downloaded files of wechat will be misjudged as important hidden Private files, so will not be cleaned up, over time, our systematic non running memory, naturally not enough.

in fact, there are basically three problems that cause the stuck mobile phone. Either the non running memory is not enough, or the system is faulty, or the processor performance is poor. In contrast, the importance of running memory is not very big. As long as 4GB of running memory is used, it is enough. After all, the running memory of many computers is only 4GB. Do you understand ? Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo