Android wear, Google’s Android based smart watch operating system, will be updated to Oreo this week

Google’s Android based smart watch operating system Android wear will be updated to Android Oreo this week. Android 8.0 for Android wear devices doesn’t bring a lot of features, but fixes some bugs and improves overall performance. However, it does bring about one or two other changes, such as touch lock, which will allow the owner of the device to lock the touch screen, so that the underwater waterproof smart watch will not be affected by random tapping on the touch screen.

for those who want to know if your Android wear Smartwatch is eligible for the Android Oreo update, Google has released a list of devices that will receive the upcoming update and the list of devices that will start receiving the update. Take your time

at present, the Android smart watch market is stagnant, so that some companies even withdraw from the market completely. An important factor in Android wear’s stagnation is that most consumers don’t think they need to buy a smart watch to accompany their smartphone. In addition, existing Android wear users are unlikely to consider upgrading their devices when releasing new numbers, which means manufacturers have no incentive to follow up on their product lines.

Author: zmhuaxia