Android wechat 7.0.18 hot update: “take a beat” support withdrawal!

Wechat has become the latest version of wechat to remind us that we should use the latest version of wechat to remind us to use the latest version of wechat! < p > < p > Hot update: try to exit wechat and log in again. The latest internal test version 7.0.18 has been supported, other versions of self-test! < / P > < p > these new features of Android are similar to the official version of wechat 7.0.15 of IOS, but some users still haven’t found them after updating the latest internal beta version. This is when you need to update them, you will find these new features. < / P > < p > the above are some small changes brought about by the current hot update of Android wechat 7.0.18. I think this one shot supports the withdrawal function, which may be very useful for students who accidentally take a picture. After all, taking a picture has a reminder, which can ease the temporary pause. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”