Ann rabbit finally apologized, but when will the farce caused by Apple stop?

As for the comparison between Apple’s mobile phone and other products of its friends, it can be said that from the beginning of Apple’s fame to today, although with the progress of time and technology, the company’s products have shown signs of surpassing Apple’s products in some aspects, but today, Apple’s leading position in the field of electronic intelligent products is still unshakable. This is also the focus of the debate among the major “sectarian” users. Who is better and who is worse? In fact, I don’t think it’s necessary to argue about something that has no interest with me, let alone a product. If I have to tell you why, I think that the current status of friends is more like vegetables planted in greenhouses, while apples are closer to seasonal vegetables. Greenhouse vegetables can be eaten throughout the year because of artificial intervention in their growing environment, which should have been eaten only in summer or autumn. The advantage of greenhouse vegetables is that they can obtain a stable and long-term income by continuously exporting and occupying the market for a long time, which is very beautiful for growers. But the disadvantage is also very obvious, how to eat without the setting off of seasonal atmosphere is so bad. Take watermelon for example. The feeling of eating in summer is different from that in winter. As people’s enthusiasm for eating watermelon in winter gradually faded, the sales of watermelon produced in greenhouses began to decline. This is a rule given by nature, which is called ecology. Of course, we’re not here to talk about vegetables today, but if you can understand what I said earlier, then what I’ll tell you later will be easy for you to understand. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, how to maintain the status and value of greenhouse vegetables after consumers’ freshness of strange affairs recedes? At present, people begin to be obsessed with vegetables in the corresponding season. They even stop paying attention to vegetables in greenhouses because of this obsession, and even are willing to take time to choose and wait for seasonal vegetables. This may be the most real situation of Apple mobile phone and its friends’ mobile phone. It’s not that the products of friends are bad, but the freshness of users is consumed. By contrast, the advantages of Apple phones, which belong to seasonal vegetables, are amplified. At this time, friends classified as greenhouse vegetables realized the crisis after seeing this trend. What should we do? As a result, all kinds of tricks, which are well known as “means of commercial competition”, came into being. Since ancient times, shopping malls are like battlefields. It is common for businessmen to use commercial means to crowd out rivals in the process of doing business. Let’s take an example of today’s apology to let everyone understand that these so-called fair and objective evaluation institutions have no “white” color. The cause of this incident originated from an evaluation of Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 12, which showed the result description of the cooling problem caused by the running points of the iPhone 12. Originally, it seemed to be a reasonable microblog, but at this time, it set off a shocking wave, causing widespread “attention” of netizens. < / P > < p > although Apple’s popularity and traffic in the industry are unmatched by other friends, and every time a new machine is released, it has become a “hidden rule” in the industry, but this heat is a little illogical. As a well-known evaluation institution in China, I was surprised that the rigor of the whole evaluation process was so loose. The temperature is more than 80 degrees. Who dares to hold it? It’s strange not to be scalded to death, but according to an rabbit’s Micro blog, it’s obvious that holding hands in the high temperature of more than 80 degrees has no effect, which has also been found by netizens. In addition to holding a mobile phone with a high temperature of more than 80 degrees, some netizens pointed out that the safety protection mechanism of Apple mobile phone can be easily triggered when the temperature is more than 50 degrees. When the mobile phone is in a high temperature state, the mobile phone automatically stops all operations and then prompts that the temperature is too high. At this time, users can not operate the phone, except for shutting down the phone. < p > < p > What’s more interesting is that after receiving the query and criticism from netizens, an Tu Tu Tu’s attitude is still resolute and openly satirizes users. All of a sudden, this move caused public indignation, netizens have condemned it one after another, users raised questions, you can not answer, you can also ignore, but such a dignified insult to users is not dig their own grave? Fortunately, as the saying goes, “who has been spared by heaven?” Seeing the clamor of the denouncement getting more and more intense, Angora immediately issued a statement of apology. It said: because the instrument failure, so the temperature display error. < / P > < p > although the results are clear, I would like to say that the instrument can fail. What about the person? As an evaluation organization, you should be responsible for users and their own words and deeds. At the same time, this incident also reflects that the so-called fair and objective evaluation institutions are sometimes not so reliable. Only occasionally, in addition to an Tu Tu Tu Tu’s car overturning, DxO, as a well-known camera evaluation organization, also had a car overturning incident, and the object of the rollover was actually the same iPhone 12. < / P > < p > under the leading role of Huawei in China, the competition of mobile phone lens has become one of the “important” parameters to test whether a mobile phone meets the flagship standard, and the popularity of DxO is also on the rise. Netizens are also fond of talking about a certain brand’s mobile phone photo taking score on the list, and on this basis, diss other brands enjoy it. < / P > < p > then DxO quickly published an apology book, but is apology useful? For a long time, whether it’s a hammer or a shadow, people have always questioned the credibility of Antu rabbit and DxO. This time, the two organizations overturned their cars on the iPhone 12. In addition to revealing to the outside world that the so-called “authority” is not omnipotent, on the one hand, apple and Samsung never take the initiative to send machines to these so-called evaluation agencies for testing , oh, here’s to say that at first Samsung gave them away, but later they didn’t think it was necessary. Secondly, on the basis of the popularity of the network, we gradually have a certain understanding of the relationship between testing institutions and mobile phone manufacturers, and we will no longer regard the evaluation agencies as a reference. < / P > < p > what is the relationship between the evaluation organization and the mobile phone manufacturer? This also goes back to the early stage of the development of evaluation institutions. We should know that although the evaluation institutions and mobile phone manufacturers are originally two unrelated institutions, it is difficult to associate them with each other, but with the gradual improvement of the evaluation institutions, the products produced by mobile phone manufacturers will often appear after their evaluation, which is contrary to the wishes of mobile phone manufacturers. It can be said that the attitude of the early evaluation institutions in fairness and objectivity is still very strong. Since we want to be fair and objective, it is natural that the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone must be described. With the maturity of the evaluation agencies, their comments have become a factor of consumer shopping orientation. As a result, a very bad phenomenon has emerged, that is, the phenomenon of mobile phone manufacturers paying fees to evaluation agencies for testing, or paying for cooperation, which leads to the phenomenon that those non cooperative brands are deliberately vilified. And its speech has also changed from the multi-dimensional point-to-point analysis to the advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantages to the disadvantages, and a tactful promotion program. That’s why you have such a big reaction after seeing Ann rabbit and DxO overturn. In the end, I would like to say that the cooperation between mobile phone manufacturers and evaluation agencies is not a problem, but cooperation does not mean that the morality and bottom line of the industry can be lost. Otherwise, in addition to becoming a joke, users will think that you are a “spokesman” of mobile phone manufacturers, and the evaluation video is just a means to attack friends. Skip to content