Another bug in the US iPhone 12? 5g signal is displayed, but 4G is measured

As Apple’s first mobile phone to support 5g network, the iPhone 12 has attracted great attention after its release, because it supports 5g network and performs well. The Bank of China model supports the most complete frequency band at present. By using high-pass baseband, the U.S. version also activates millimeter wave. However, according to the verge test conducted by the foreign media, the iPhone 12 has false 5g signal. Apple adjusted the status bar network display on the iPhone 12 to show the best available network, not necessarily the network currently in use. < / P > < p > in short, although the status bar shows 5g, the actual mobile phone has jumped back to 4G LTE. In other words, on the IOS 14 system of iPhone 12 at this stage, Apple’s definition of the network symbol in the status bar is not the current actual state, but the best available state. “Oddly, when the iPhone limits you to LTE speed, it still displays 5g icons in the status bar,” says Dieter Bohn of the verge. It’s now an indicator of the best speed you can use, not the actual network you’re using. ” < / P > < p > the above situation occurs when the iPhone 12 turns on the intelligent data mode function. It is learned that this function can automatically switch between 4G and 5g networks according to the network bandwidth requirements of each application, so as to avoid increasing the power consumption of mobile phones using 5g networks all the time. It’s not clear under what conditions 5g will start when smart data mode is enabled, but users can turn it off in settings. However, it seems that this problem only appears in the US version of the iPhone 12. After the domestic media got the iPhone 12 yesterday, they also found similar settings. < / P > < p > in the video evaluation of professional digital bloggers, we can see that the Bank of China iPhone 12 has two options for 5g signal One is to enable 5g, which is similar to the mainstream settings of Android phones. If there is 5g network, it will be used preferentially; if not, it will fall back to 4G; the other is automatic 5g. When you are using the mobile phone, such as watching micro blog and playing games, the mobile phone will automatically switch to 5g. When you connect to WiFi or standby, the signal will stay at 4G. This is consistent with the situation reported by foreign media, but the iPhone 12 of BOC will correctly display whether the current network is 5g or 4G in the status bar. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 is about to be delivered, and the US version of the iPhone 12 frequently overturns, such as the problem that 5g cannot be enabled recently. But we don’t have to worry about American consumers. After all, the American version of iPhone is not popular in China. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!