Another domestic chip giant is rising, and its potential is as good as that of MediaTek, but it has the same “short board” as Huawei

From the ZTE crisis in 2018 to Huawei being listed in the entity list in 2019, and then upgrading the chip ban against Huawei in the United States in 2020, a serious weakness in the development of China’s high-tech enterprises has been fully exposed, that is, the lack of sufficient “core competitiveness” in the field of semiconductor chips, EDA software, high-precision lithography machine manufacturing, high-precision chip OEM technology China lacks independent and controllable technology. However, this kind of deficiency has been exposed rapidly under the crackdown action of the United States, and it is temporary and unexplained. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said at the 2020 summit of China’s Information Technology Conference on August 7 that Kirin’s high-end chips would become “out of print”. < / P > < p > under this kind of chip crisis, all parties are looking for a way out. Among them, the most mainstream voice thinks that Huawei can help Huawei survive the chip crisis by purchasing chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm. This can indeed help Huawei make up for the lack of mobile chips, but it is not a long-term plan. Therefore, Huawei has launched the “south” strategy The “mud Bay project” is trying to break through the technical blockade of the United States. < p > < p > while Huawei is trying to break through the technical blockade of the United States, another chip giant has risen in the Chinese market, and this enterprise is no stranger to everyone. It is Ziguang zhanrui, a subsidiary of Ziguang group. < p > < p > Ziguang zhanrui has been engaged in the design and development of mobile chips, but it does not have an advantage in the mainstream smartphone chip market. However, with the continuous exploration of purple light, purple light zhanrui is making a great breakthrough in mobile chip. < / P > < p > among them, the company’s newly developed Huben T618 chip has gradually caught up with Huawei’s Qilin 970 chip in terms of performance. Although it is two generations later than the current Qilin 9 series mainstream chip, in terms of potential, purple light can complete the breakthrough in such a short time, and its potential is no longer inferior to that of MediaTek. With the passage of time, purple light will surely shine in the third-party chip market. Give it some more time. I believe it will become the third largest mobile chip supplier in the world after Qualcomm and MediaTek. However, although Ziguang zhanrui has a very high potential, it has the same “short board” as Huawei. This “short board” is that it does not have the chip manufacturing capacity beyond the chip design. The chip OEM of purple light zhanrui also relies on TSMC, and the chip packaging also depends on the third-party packaging manufacturer. Therefore, once Ziguang zhanrui also encounters sanctions from the United States, the final situation may be worse than that of Huawei. After all, Huawei’s main business is not chips, but Ziguang zhanrui is taking the road of third-party chip export, which can be said to be the root and core of Ziguang zhanrui’s development. In 2020, China has been encouraging the development of semiconductor enterprises. For this reason, it has also given extremely generous incentives to accelerate the construction of China’s independent and controllable semiconductor industry chain. In addition, the cultivation of professional semiconductor talents in enterprises and universities will not be long, The “short board” that bothers Ziguang zhanrui and Huawei will be solved perfectly. < / P > < p > in fact, there are many semiconductor manufacturers with chip design capabilities in China. For example, Alibaba, ZTE, oppo, Xiaomi and other enterprises can independently complete the design of corresponding chips. The only lack is chip manufacturing. < / P > < p > once the construction of China’s independent and controllable semiconductor industry chain is completed, it is believed that China will present a general trend of vigorous development in the semiconductor field. At that time, China will become the absolute center of the high-tech field, China’s high-tech technology will be recognized globally, and the United States will not be able to stop the progress of China’s technology field. New product launch