Another domestic mobile phone system is lonely, once invested 4 billion, was suppressed by Google to cancel the press conference!

After Huawei was forced to cancel Google mobile service, Huawei decided to develop its own operating system and officially released Hongmeng System 2.0 at this year’s developer conference. Meanwhile, Huawei was proud to announce that it was the third largest operating system in the world. Netizens also said that this would be the most potential mobile operating system in China. I don’t know if you still remember another OS in China. It was once called China’s most promising mobile operating system. It was yunos, backed by Alibaba, a Chinese Internet e-commerce giant. < p > < p > on July 28, 2011, Alibaba yunos was officially released. This is the first mobile operating system released by Alibaba after years of planning for smart phone and hardware market. However, the application process after its release is very difficult. In 2012, when Alibaba cloud and Acer were preparing to launch a smart phone, the launch of this mobile phone was forced to cancel directly because of the “threat” from Google, the old owner of Android. In this regard, Google official said: the crackdown on Alibaba cloud OS is to prevent the separation of the open mobile phone alliance, which is the cornerstone of the Android camp’s hardware. Moreover, Alibaba cloud pirated Android mobile app, turning the paid app into free, thus harming the rights and interests of developers. The reason for this is that Google is actually afraid that Alibaba cloud OS will grow up and cover the market share of Android system. After all, Google is not so considerate of the world and cares for all developers. Otherwise, it will not suddenly increase the app percentage of Google’s application market today. < p > < p > of course, Alibaba didn’t give up. It continued to invest in the market and put forward us $590 million to cooperate with Meizu technology to let Meizu’s medium and low-end models use yunos. However, the good prospect is not long. Yunos has not attracted consumers’ love. In addition, Meizu has smashed its own signboards. On September 27, 2017, Alibaba integrated the original yunos mobile terminal business, and in the new slogan, it will “intelligent” “Mobile terminal” is completely abandoned and no more investment will be added. < / P > < p > according to the latest official website of Alibaba cloud, yunos is now called Alios. Although there are still slogans on the home page that can be applied to smart terminals such as mobile phones, there is no specific reference to the smartphone business in the industry solutions. Xie Yan, the former chief architect of Alibaba Alios, once said, “in the future, there are only two kinds of OS for China’s auto industry to open up to the outside world: one is Alios, and the other is based on Android and other modifications.” In other words, Alibaba gives up the competition with Android Google in the field of smart phones and turns to the automobile industry. It is more optimistic about the development of smart home and automobile industry in the future. In 2021, Huawei Hongmeng mobile phone operating system will be formally applied to smart phones. If it is also open to all mobile phone manufacturers, then Google will not stand idly by and perhaps it will be a new market “competition”. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?