Another exploration of the relationship between human beings and nature in baokemeng: hamsters and three hamsters symbolize nature?

Yesterday, we just talked about the embodiment of environmental pollution in baokemeng animation. However, there are many episodes about reality in the early Muji. For example, the next episode will come soon. This episode roughly tells us that the destruction of the ground squirrels has led to the failure of the reservoir to be built on schedule. Therefore, the foreman of the reservoir has found many trainers to deal with the situation But who knows that baokemeng sent by the trainer is not willing to fight with the hamsters. The final reason is that if the reservoir is built, it will lead to the outbreak of mountain forest flood, so the reservoir project is abandoned. So, what are the practical discussions in this episode? < p > < p > first of all, the reason why baokemeng, the trainer in this episode, is not willing to come out to fight with the hamsters is explained in the second half of this episode. It is because baokemeng realized that if a reservoir is built here, it will directly lead to mountain forest flood, and eventually many baokemeng will be killed or displaced. Xiaogang’s explanation is “baokemeng” There are a lot of things that human beings can’t think of. “In this episode, baokemeng’s people show some tacit understanding with each other, and they don’t do anything to the hamsters and the three hamsters. The collective resistance consciousness of baokemeng in this episode also leads to the conjecture that there was a plot in which Pikachu led baokemeng to fight against human beings. However, gophers and gophers also mentioned in the animation that it is possible that even all forests were created by them, and baokemeng such as gopher is also considered to have the ability to transform desert into oasis. Therefore, whether it is gophers or evolved gophers, this family has played a very high role in the ecology of baokemeng, while in the past three years, the role of the family in the ecology of baokemeng is very high In this episode, gophers and three gophers should be the embodied nature itself. Human behavior of destroying nature may lead to soil erosion. As the opposite, gophers and gophers try their best to prevent possible tragedies. This is another discussion about the relationship between human beings and nature. At the same time, this episode is also regarded as Xiao Mao’s black history by his friends. It is not only Xiaomao’s big sister with a car, but Xiaomao has been trying to force the back baokemeng, which is really embarrassing. In addition, in this episode, Xiao Mao also contributed a famous saying that many players have been using, which is: “show off each other with baokemeng.” Yao is the work of laymen. “Therefore, as long as players see other new players drying treasure and dream, they often send out this picture to make fun of. Early Mao Ye was really full of stems, and it’s not too much to say that it’s black history. < / P > < p > OK, the above is the view on this episode introduced by the second primary school student. The young partners may have different opinions on this episode, so it is expected that they will point it out. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?