Another killer’s mace! Vlog three axis anti shake + compatible with mainstream SLR, micro single or real fragrance

Hello everyone, many people call me “weird guy”. In fact, this is not the case, because I am in the headphone bar, I have always been named “the leader of Taurus cult”. However, I am afraid that I will be regarded as an organization. Therefore, we should call me strange guy. < / P > < p > for a long time, the leader has always been “resistant” to small videos. Why? In fact, I deeply feel that video can’t achieve the essence of the first thing, that is, what you think in your heart can’t be accurately conveyed in the video, because when you record a video, you can’t think about what you think for a long time. In other words, you should prepare a “foot book” for reading, and I prefer pictures and texts, because pictures and texts can excavate people’s minds and let them The content is more real and readable; < / P > < p > however, with the advent of the video trend, especially the rapid development of a new term vlog, I have to think about whether to transfer video. However, when I talk about any product, I always focus on “people’s needs and product positioning”. Therefore, I’m afraid that too much thinking time during video recording will lead to delay I was trying to find a solution. I believe there should be a good solution. Soon you can see the master’s vlog. Of course, recording vlog requires professional equipment. My father has Canon 5d3, but we all know that vlog recording can’t shake. So I need an anti shake device. At present, I see a three-axis anti shake handheld PTZ specially designed for vlog, and its release time is completely in line with everyone “Buy the new, not the old.”. So I got quite interested. < / P > < p > therefore, this article will focus on the anti shake device for recording vlog. However, considering the price level, if you look at it from the perspective of mobile phone, it may be the mid end flagship level, but back to the vlog, the price can’t help but make people sigh. Do you want to buy it? < p > < p > as a relatively convenient experience for users, Yunhe 2S Crane 2 can also have a professional vlog effect S, though its audience is not very wide, it is worth affirming that if the Vlog is really hot in the future, then I think the product should have market share. Because during the last chat with friends, he deeply taught me that “5G era will be video based,” which has always been visible before the eyes of my heart, so recently I have studied how to make the best version of Vlog. < p > < p > back to the product itself, Yunhe 2S Crane 2 S. To tell you the truth, from the configuration point of view, the first thing is to hold the PTZ, and then support the three axis anti shake. At the same time, it is basically compatible with the wide range of SLRs and micro SLRs on the market. Anyway, it is very playable. To be specific, it can support easy vertical arrangement and rapid disassembly. If you pursue professional effects, you must not miss the focus adjustment. It also supports dual focusing and carbon Fiber handle, in any case, can give a kind of extreme experience to the partners who pursue the ultimate vlog effect, and the key playability is also very sufficient. As for the performance, it can carry the combination of the mainstream professional cameras and lenses on the market, and the 0.96 inch screen display “does not affect the overall beauty, but also can give you the role of clear data display in time”. In fact, the playability has to mention giant screen photography, fixed-point delay and mobile delay, and even long exposure dynamic delay. < / P > < p > at the end! Of course, I recommend this Yunhe 2S Crane 2 s for professional partners who pursue the ultimate vlog effect. However, if you want to shoot vlog casually and have anti shake, you can choose a mobile phone tripod, but there must be a difference in the effect between the two. < p > < p > note: the leader does not praise any brand, so it is easy to be questioned as “water army” or “take money”. There will be many readers saying that “Xiaobian XXX” and other disharmonious factors. However, what I said is to judge a product from the perspective of the interests of the majority of users, so that everyone can choose machines rationally. I hope you like < a href= -posts-wrapper target=_ blank>Skip to content