Another “magic medicine” is down! One kilogram sold for 400000 yuan. It was advocated that it could fight cancer. Many people lined up to grab it

After a “public health event” this year, people pay more attention to health, and cultivation is no longer exclusive to the elderly. Young people in their twenties also pay more attention to health. In this environment, health products and health industry ushered in new opportunities, many brands continue to rise, become industry giants. It is understood that since 2014, the market size of the domestic health care products industry has maintained a double-digit growth rate, and by 2019, the market size has reached 222.7 billion yuan. According to this trend, the market size of next year may be expected to exceed 330 billion yuan. < p > < p > in a good market environment, the quality of products is naturally uneven. In that year, Quan Jian was comprehensively investigated, and after that, there was no limit to withdraw. Health care products were mixed in people’s minds. In the face of various doubts from the people and the increasingly stringent national regulatory system, the industry is about to usher in a big reshuffle. Do some traditional health care products have efficacy and price Whether it is reasonable or not has become the object of supervision, and Cordyceps sinensis is one of them. < / P > < p > I believe many people have heard of Cordyceps sinensis, and their first impression of this thing is that it is expensive. As for whether it has any effect, no one can tell clearly, because ordinary people may not have seen this kind of thing. What is the base of Cordyceps sinensis? In fact, this is a complex of larval corpse and fungal stroma formed by a kind of “Cordyceps sinensis” in the soil of alpine meadow in Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Due to the scarcity of production, Cordyceps sinensis is regarded as a kind of precious Chinese herbal medicine. Because of its scarcity, the price of Cordyceps sinensis is often fried very high. < / P > < p > now it seems that in the era of information blocking, it is indeed a bit exaggerated that Cordyceps sinensis has been fried to “sky high price”. But at that time, some scientists found that there was a substance with anti-cancer activity in the research of related products, which changed the taste from person to person, and turned into Cordyceps sinensis with “anti-cancer” effect, which naturally doubled the “value” for a time. The highest price of Cordyceps sinensis was in the SARS epidemic that year. Because of the rampant rumors, Cordyceps was even fried to 16000 yuan / g, and even as high as 400000 yuan / kg in some areas. < / P > < p > after seeing that Cordyceps sinensis is profitable, it naturally attracted the attention of capitalists. A large number of enterprises began to enter the market and opened channels to sell Cordyceps sinensis. These enterprises purchased Cordyceps sinensis, which was the most basic processing method of Chinese herbal medicine, was sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan per gram At that time, the price of gold was still several times higher, and whether the “raw materials” were real Cordyceps was unknown. Some unscrupulous businesses really did the thing of “shoddy for good” and made huge profits with low cost. However, with the development of the times, relevant departments have carried out research on this “skyrocketing health care product”. In 2018, it was clearly stated that Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps sinensis grinding powder contained a large amount of arsenic, with the content of 4.4-9.9mg/kg. In addition, Cordyceps acid, Cordyceps sinensis and other related products for long-term use have high health risks. The authoritative information of the state gave the Cordyceps a “head slap”, and also let this skyrocketing health care products fall into the altar. In fact, although Cordyceps sinensis has no anti-cancer and longevity effects, it still has certain medicinal value, such as tonifying the kidney and nourishing the lung. However, it is only a slightly expensive traditional Chinese medicine. It is meaningless to buy it at a high price, and most of them are cheated. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year