Another mobile phone brand returns! Five days later, the netizen asked Lu Weibing: familiar with it?

The biggest highlight of mobile phone manufacturers this month is Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version brought by Lei Jun. some netizens said that this was originally a great gift for Xiaomi mix Series in 2020, but it happened to coincide with the anniversary of Xiaomi technology’s establishment, and it was shelved because of the difficulty of Xiaomi mix alpha. Taking out the Xiaomi 10 super large cup also established the determination of Xiaomi mobile phone to rush to the high-end market, and then there was the frontal collision of iqoo 5 series. How should these two mobile phone users choose? < / P > < p > from this point of view, in fact, there are not many flagship models in 2020. There are only three models in detail: iPhone 12 series, Huawei mate 40 series and one plus 8t series. The rest of the mobile phones are estimated to be low-end models, mainly due to the price advantage in order to walk. Vivo and oppo are expected to surprise users. Speaking of this, it seems that the mobile phone market has become very obvious. Besides iPhone and Samsung, it is also the domestic “huami ov”. < / P > < p > another mobile phone brand returns! Five days later, the netizen asked Lu Weibing: familiar with it? Lu Weibing joined Xiaomi at the beginning of 2019 and has become one of the new partners of Xiaomi, which also brings new vitality to the redmi brand. This time, an old friend wants to meet you. Jinli max, which was released on August 25, invited Andy Lau to speak for the once standby voice king of Jinli brand. It is still familiar to ordinary people when smart phones are not popular.

what a what Gionee mobile phone brand is like, what kind of configuration is this Max, Lu Weibing? Will it bring impact to redmi mobile phone? In fact, Jinli Max is only a model with high volume, and the price may be lower, because it is launched in the Indian market, so the price will be lower. India is Xiaomi’s second competitive market and has always been the number one mobile phone seller in India. < / P > < p > Jinli max, the design of the water drop screen is estimated to be the style of several years ago. The chin and forehead are slightly wider, which can not help but remind users whether the design of many years ago was just used for configuration. However, to a certain extent, this model meets the needs of specific groups of people. Long endurance is really a pain point for mobile phones. The official said that the battery capacity is still 5000mAh, and the price is about 553 yuan. This is an entry-level mobile phone. Looking at the 599 yuan price of remdi 9a, Lu Weibing was excited for a long time. With 720p resolution, the first launch of MediaTek Helio G25 processor, and the built-in 5000mAh battery. < / P > < p > for those “disappeared” mobile phone brands, it is also a kind of feeling to keep the old mobile phone at home. On the one hand, users who do not want to change their mobile phones are really reluctant, on the other hand, they may really have no money. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?