Another national brand? “Thousand Song Yi” also spoke for it, and now it is in a difficult situation and in crisis

In recent years, with the development of e-commerce and the impact of e-commerce, many national brands are in a very difficult situation. Some have kept pace with the times and created new sales models, while some brands are about to be eliminated from the market because of their lack of innovation ability, such as Yinlu, Wangwang, Daphne, etc. < / P > < p > these brands are well-known in the public’s impression, but in reality, few people have bought them. There are new brands appearing in front of consumers, and the products of these old brands have not been updated. Therefore, we will inevitably be attracted by other brands. Daphne was originally a very well-known women’s shoes brand, which was once called“ Quan Zhixian, the goddess of “thousand Song Yi”, has also represented this brand. < / P > < p > now Daphne is in a difficult situation. Not only has a large number of offline stores closed, but also the market value has evaporated by tens of billions. At its peak, the market value of Daphne even exceeded HK $20 billion, but now it is only HK $247 million, a drop of 99%. < / P > < p > especially today’s young people, the requirements for shoes have become higher and higher. A pair of shoes often costs thousands of yuan, but their clothes may cost dozens of yuan. This is also a change in the public consumption concept. People’s concept of brand is obviously more important than before. When you look down, the shoes of fashion brand are still sold better. Many young people born in the 90s and after 00 are not reluctant to pay high prices to buy some limited shoes. There are two founders of Daphne, one is Zhang Wenyi, and the other is Chen Xianmin. Among them, Chen Xianmin is Zhang Wenyi’s brother-in-law. They jointly founded Yongen International Group Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, they mainly sold to the United States at the beginning, but later they moved to the mainland for various reasons. Under the leadership of the two founders, Daphne rose to a very high level under the leadership of the two founders. First, Zhang Wenyi was a woman, and naturally positioned Daphne brand from the perspective of women. Therefore, Daphne’s products were also very popular with small female consumers. Under the leadership of Zhang Wenyi, the sales of Daphne in that year even reached 8 billion yuan. Zhang Wenyi was also very commercial, but Daphne was not famous after entering the mainland. Zhang decided to spend 10 million yuan on advertising in the mainland. At that time, it was a big investment. Fortunately, this decision was very successful. Daphne successfully entered the hearts of Chinese consumers. Daphne was also listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1995. < p > < p > later, Zhang Wenyi left all her posts in Daphne because of her “situation”. In 1999, Chen Xianmin handed over her position to her nephew Chen Yingjie. At this time, Daphne’s business situation was not very ideal. At the same time, the company’s top management was not optimistic about this new recruit Ren’s successor. < / P > < p > but I didn’t expect it, but the result was very unexpected. Under the leadership of Chen Yingjie, Daphne has developed better and better. Under the leadership of Chen Yingjie, Daphne has carried out the road of diversified development, won the retail agency of Adidas in China, and then cooperated with a number of footwear and clothing brands. According to relevant data, in 2009, Daphne’s total revenue reached 5.83 billion, an increase of 10.26%. In 2010, its total operating revenue increased by 13.58% year on year, reaching 6.620 billion yuan. At its peak, Daphne had nearly 7000 stores across the country, with a market value of 18.9 billion at its peak. There are two key reasons for the decline of Daphne brand. One is that after Chen Yingjie got married, his focus was not on his own career. As a result, Daphne’s business situation plummeted and was frequently overtaken by his peers. It is worth mentioning that Chen Yingjie’s wife is the dry daughter of famous actor Zhang Guoli, and actor Han Yuqin. < / P > < p > What’s more, the development of e-commerce is very fast, which has become a trend. However, Chen Yingjie failed to grasp the trend and failed to catch up with the “bus”, resulting in a sharp decline in Daphne’s sales. Later, Daphne also realized the problem, and made some relevant “remedial” measures to cooperate with new and cutting-edge designers The new products have also been promoted online and offline. < / P > < p > but it didn’t work. On the contrary, it still owed 30 million debts. With the advent of the e-commerce era, Daphne missed new opportunities. Now it’s difficult to catch up with this bus. The first start is later than others. Finally, whether a brand can develop for a long time or not depends on the innovation ability and the ability to keep up with the development trend of the times. Otherwise, if you don’t pay attention to it, you will be left behind by this era and face the situation of elimination. Skip to content