Another “switch” of wechat beat function can be turned off

It’s very popular. During the online period, everyone had a lot of fun. Some friends who had not contacted for a long time also chatted with each other. During the group chat, the group friends also “patted” from time to time, which really made the chat environment more active. < / P > < p > of course, I can also play this function. I think it’s fun to choose a friend to “take a picture” from time to time. However, there are still many situations that are not suitable for “taking a picture”. < / P > < p > for example, if you just go to see other people’s Avatar information and accidentally click on the avatar twice, you can start the “take a picture” function and ask if you are embarrassed. < / P > < p > is annoying, and the more you use it, the more annoying it is. Organic friends have been complaining, why not a closed function? I don’t know. When the official thinks it should, it will come out naturally. However, the new version of IOS wechat v7.0.15 provides a more tonal way to play. The “pat” function belongs to the message type function, so the online function is more in line with the nature of chat. < / P > < p > the function that has been launched is that you can withdraw a shot of a message within 2 minutes, and the person who withdraws the message will not have any reminder. This function can not only be used to check the other person’s picture inadvertently, but also can prevent some people from accidentally clicking on their avatar to start “taking a picture” when chatting Keep looking at your chat box. < / P > < p > this function has not been fully launched yet. It is not available after the upgrade of the small editor. It is estimated that it will be fully covered in the next few days. < / P > < p > there is another situation. You don’t want to take a picture of someone else, but they will take a picture of you. Now the function of taking a picture of you has not been completely turned off. Maybe this function will be optimized in the later stage. The temporary “resistance” method is in your wechat – me – Avatar & gt; Place – take a pat, set an elegant prompt, and let the creativity play its own way: < A= target=_ blank>Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12