Anti cancer “missile” landing in China, can catch up with tumor “guided” strike

On November 6, Elekta unit, a new cancer cancer tool in medical technology, was paid close attention to in the medical equipment and health exhibition area of the third Expo. After nearly two years of clinical trials and tests, the weapon was officially approved by the State Drug Administration for listing in China in the autumn of 2020. In fact, due to the normal physiological activities such as treatment, disease progression or degeneration, respiratory and digestive activities, tumor size and location are changing all the time, while traditional treatment methods can not capture the rapid changes of tumor in real time. The emergence of [/p > < p > Elekta unit has solved the problem that has long been perplexing the radiotherapy doctors. As a pioneering cancer treatment system, Elekta Unity has the same platform of medical radiotherapy linac and 1.5T high field MRI, which is physically “water fire is not allowed”. Driven by real-time adaptive radiotherapy software, it can display and track the changes of tumor in real time and high resolution during the radiotherapy process of tumor, so that the radiotherapy doctor can adjust the treatment plan online and conduct “accurate guidance” for the target tumor Strike, and then realize real accurate, personalized adaptive radiotherapy. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year