“Anti cancer mother” Liu Chunli: measuring life with wheels

She is a happy mother, passing on her happy idea to her son; she is also a cycling enthusiast, crossing the river with a bicycle and a simple bag, writing her life happily with wheel tracks; she is also a cancer patient, with her courage and perseverance, she has overcome the disease and ushered in a new life! She is like a phoenix like nirvana, fire rebirth of the “fire phoenix” – nicknamed “iron riding lady” and “anti-tumor rider fighter” Liu Chunli. This year’s 64 year old Liu Chunli is full of happiness and sweetness when she recalls her happy and unforgettable riding experiences. However, in 2005, she experienced the haze of her life. A medical report marked with “breast cancer” made a significant change in Liu Chunli’s life. She once washed her face with tears more than once. However, Liu Chunli, who was born stubborn and never admitted defeat, won her life again. She dried her tears and faced life with a smile. She joined the team of Lunan District Cycling Association of Tangshan City, determined to fight a life and death duel with illness through riding, and took the net name “fire phoenix”, to be reborn in the fire with the courage of Phoenix Nirvana. < p > < p > after the operation was basically recovered, Liu Chunli began to walk with her companion. Since 2007, she has taken part in 30 or 40 long-distance cycling. She has been riding a bicycle for half a year. She is also the first female “anti-tumor rider” in Tangshan to challenge Tibet, Xinjiang, Hainan and Taiwan. < p > < p > she drove her bicycle through 34 provinces and autonomous regions of China, including Tibet on the snow covered plateau, the great Gobi of Xinjiang, Mohe, Sanya, Hainan, and the four poles in Southeast and Northwest China. < p > < p > in 2010, a large-scale public welfare activity of “low carbon action, cycling China” from Beijing to Shenzhen was held in the square with the theme of “advocating environmental protection and green, riding a better life” organized by China Light Industry Federation and China Cycling Association. Liu Chunli, as the oldest female player in the team, participated in the “thousand mile cycling” activity and was recommended as the leader. While riding, she publicized low-carbon environmental protection, issued green ribbon, and successfully completed the cycling task. < p > < p > on May 17, 2019, Liu Chunli successfully completed the Yunnan Tibet line Riding Challenge after 28 days and arrived in Lhasa successfully! Because of her unswerving determination and brave struggle, she was awarded the title of “flying to Yunnan and Tibet Knight”. < p > < p > in the spring of 2017, Liu Chunli made a cloth map by herself, drawing the boundaries of China’s 34 provinces and autonomous regions with a pen. Every time she rode, she put a seal on the post office where she went. Each seal recorded the place name and date of her destination in detail. Today, the map is full of vicissitudes, and some seals are blurred due to rain It is the most precious happy memory of Liu Chunli. < / P > < p > “I’m not willing to raise my illness at home and let my family serve me. My second life is hard won and can’t be consumed in the greenhouse!” Liu Chunli has lived a wonderful life by riding. She also often uses her own experience to educate her son, “we must be a happy person, do what we like to do, and let our life go.” Her son, like his mother, is optimistic and happy. He likes outdoor sports. After work, he goes to outdoor sports he likes. Liu Chunli and her son never shrink back. They have been walking on the road. The sky is grey and the wild is boundless. The battlefield of their soul is between heaven and earth. New product launch