Anti drop case with 100 ways to protect your phone

“Pa!” Mobile phone dropped the moment, how I hope time can be fixed, looking at the broken screen of the mobile phone, full of remorse, regret, depression! < / P > < p > and now, consumers no longer need to worry about the broken screen or broken phone when it falls. There are 100 ways to break your phone, and 1000 ways to protect your phone. < p > < p > < p > as one of the three major anti falling technologies of mobile phone cases in the world, resol color is different from the traditional hard glue + soft glue technology in the market, especially the test that only emphasizes the drop meter. It has created the multi AP anti drop system and solved the internal and external anti falling problems of fashionable mobile phone cases. < p > < p > on June 22, 2020, mobile phone case brand jueshe released its first brand TVC: 100 ways to die for mobile phones, and launched its main popular product, jueshe anti falling small color shell. At the same time, it launched a topic on major social platforms ᦇ 100 ways to die of mobile phone ᦇ to solicit everyone about the incident of falling a mobile phone. In less than a week, the number of short films broadcasted across the network exceeded 1500 Thirty eight million people gathered to watch and 70000 people participated in the topic interaction. Fans enthusiastically shared the story of falling machine. More than 500 fans UGC were collected in the activity, and more than 100 high-quality stories with more than 300 words were collected. < p > < p > once released, the short film of color determination has been repeatedly recommended by dozens of authoritative industry media, such as,, socialbeta, etc.; the dual micro terminal has received more than 80 spontaneous recommendation videos of tap water, and more than 10 original articles of advertising industry’s head accounts interpret the brand. < / P > < p > subsequently, the large socket college at the head of wechat released brand analysis articles, which triggered the diffusion and forwarding of boss circle, entrepreneurship circle and brand circle. The number of single articles read reached 70000, and 2770 people spontaneously shared the articles. The number of people who paid attention to the store by e-commerce search increased by more than 100%. In the comment area after the release of the short film, the author found that most people said: This is probably the most interesting commercial film of this year. Although it is an advertisement, it doesn’t feel disgusted, and it can arouse my resonance with life It can be seen that the release of the brand promotional film received high praise from fans and received high brand popularity. < / P > < p > this is also the first step to enter the brand layout of the Chinese market: select the “heartbreaking” scenes of various mobile phones that have real resonance with the public, awaken everyone’s memory of broken screen of mobile phones, arouse resonance and participation, and launch UGC topic # 100 ways of death of mobile phones ා to trigger the operation concept of user brands. < / P > < p > scene high frequency restoration: restore 100 kinds of death ways of mobile phone in life with short and fast rhythm, hit the pain point directly, and trigger psychological resonance. < / P > < p > product value emphasizes: finally, the product is exposed, highlighting the product features such as fall prevention and all-round protection, and constantly forming repeated memory, which is implanted into the audience’s mental cognition. < / P > < p > life topic resonance: the resonance of life scene memory makes the public willing to share, discuss and participate in interaction spontaneously. Interesting content is easy to cause self dissemination in B station, microblog and other channels. < / P > < p > heartbreaking empathy + slightly excited Schadenfreude, the scene emotions of the bottom of human nature are constantly superimposed, and deep memory is implanted. The amazing appearance of color determines the user’s first association: color determination, anti falling small color shell, not afraid of fierce color! < / P > < p > if every woman’s wardrobe has a classic little black skirt, and every man’s wardrobe has a classic white shirt, then there will be a classic fashion in the mobile phone’s wardrobe, which is the color determination and anti falling small color case, which is designed and manufactured by jemet. < / P > < p > this small color shell once set off a wave of national trend in 2020. It has swept the screen of xiaohongshu, station B and other major platforms, and has become a must-have classic fashion item for the owners of online Red blog. < / P > < p > each small color shell has a unique Aurora color, and the aurora represents luck and hope. Just like every unique Guardian God, it has its own energy to guard. From giving power to love, peach blossom and fortune, it covers the topics that we care about most in our life. The small partner who vows to protect will accompany you silently for love and hope, and has a decision Color small color shell, not only has the sense of security being guarded, but also can maintain fashion and beauty. Who can not be fascinated by it? < / P > < p > in 2020, under the influence of the epidemic situation, the global mobile phone market sales will decline, while the resole mobile phone case will emerge suddenly. It has made great achievements in 618. Then it launched the first brand TVC, becoming the first mobile phone shell brand to shoot promotional films in China. It has really achieved the growth against the market. As a brand with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, the future of resole is even more Let everyone wait and see. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”