App store Games bring Apple $22.2 billion in revenue in the first half of 2020

Speaking of 2020, what industries are developing rapidly, mobile game is certainly one of them. Due to the influence of the big environment, many people are forced to stay at home. Playing mobile games has become a choice for many people to pass time. Because of this, the number of game downloads and data in the Android and IOS application markets is booming. Recently, according to a data released by foreign media, in the first half of 2020, Games launched in the app store brought Apple $22.2 billion in revenue, an increase of 23% compared with the same period last year, of which the number reached $11.6 billion in the second quarter. In terms of Game App downloads, Apple App store has 5.7 billion times. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list