Apple A14 officially released, leading Huawei mate 40, the first 5nm process!

Today, apple officially released the apple A14 bionic chip, the new iPad Air first launched the chip. Before that, the iPhone was generally the first to launch Apple’s A-Series chips. Of course, the absence of iPhone 12 series mobile phones this year made the press conference boring. However, it is certain that the iPhone 12 series mobile phones must be equipped with apple A14 chip. What is the performance of this chip? < p > < p > in terms of parameters, Apple’s A14 chip adopts six core design, consisting of two high-frequency cores and four energy-saving cores. The chip adopts TSMC’s 5nm technology. Huawei’s Kirin 9000 chip and apple A14 chip are both 5nm technology, but Apple has taken the lead in the new iPad So the world’s first 5nm technology chip comes from apple rather than Huawei. < p > < p > the mate40 series machines to be released by Huawei will be equipped with Kirin 9000 chip, which should be the first 5nm technology product in the Android mobile phone camp. However, according to the previous “Convention”, the performance of Huawei’s flagship chip is not as good as Apple’s A-Series chip of the same period. Although Huawei has made great progress in chip research and development, it still has certain advantages with apple Gap. < / P > < p > interestingly, Apple’s A14 chip chooses Apple’s A12 chip in performance comparison, which is first used on iphonexer and iphonexs series machines, and the chip was released in 2018; compared with apple A12 chip, the CPU performance of Apple A14 is improved by 40%, and the GPU performance is improved by 30%; if compared with apple A13 chip, the CPU improvement is only about 15%, GPU The improvement is only about 10%. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Apple’s A14 chip uses 11.8 billion transistors, even surpassing many desktop x86 chips, and the previous generation of Apple A13 chip only used 8.5 billion transistors. The number of transistors brought by 5nm technology is still very obvious. Otaku thinks that Apple will pay more attention to energy efficiency ratio this year, after all, the addition of 5g function will greatly increase the battery of the machine Consumption. < / P > < p > the latest news shows that there is no 120Hz refresh rate screen in the whole series of iphone12. However, Daisaku thinks that the possibility is relatively high. Judging from the previously exposed battery capacity and the performance of Apple A14 chip, the batteries of the whole series of iphone12 are difficult to meet the needs of heavy users; between 5g and 120Hz screens, otaku prefers 5g functions. < / P > < p > the biggest upgrade this time is the neural engine. The machine learning speed of Apple A14 chip is increased by 70%, from the previous 8-core architecture to 16 core architecture, and the computing power is improved to 11.8tflops; and the previous generation iPad with apple A12 chip Compared with the air, the AI learning ability of Apple A14 chip is improved by 10 times, and the significant improvement in this aspect also shows Apple’s determination to develop AI. < / P > < p > Daisaku boldly guessed that compared with Apple’s A13 chip, billions of transistors are more likely to be responsible for AI learning. After all, Apple’s A-Series chips have no problems in CPU and GPU performance, so it’s necessary to develop the technology of the next era. Do you think? Older posts →