Apple accelerates the release of a14x 12 inch MacBook: more than 20 hours, less than 6000 yuan

From the current situation, Apple will make full use of TSMC’s 5nm process this year. In addition to A14, Apple will build a14x processor for 12 inch MacBook series, and next 13 inch MBP will also add a series processor version. According to the latest news, Apple’s new 12 inch MacBook model, which uses self-developed arm chips, is expected to be available in 2020. Rumor has it that the battery can last 15 to 20 hours and costs $849. For notebook users who focus on the endurance experience, this may be an important factor to attract them to switch from Windows PC to arm MAC camp. < / P > < p > it is reported that the machine uses a 12 inch retina display and weighs 2 pounds rather light. As for the a14x processor code named Tonga, it is said to use TSMC’s 5nm process and will be used on the new generation of iPad Pro tablets. < p > < p > as a reference, the battery life of MacBook model based on Intel chip is about 9 hours, so the improvement of 15-20 hours is quite significant. Older posts →