Apple accuses prepear of pear shaped trademark infringement: bullying small companies

According to news on August 10, apple recently filed a lawsuit against prepear, a small enterprise, claiming that its pear shaped trademark is similar to Apple’s trademark, which is likely to cause confusion and misunderstanding among consumers. It is understood that prepear is a small enterprise, and its applications mainly help users to mine and manage all kinds of recipes and create personalized diet plans. The trademark used by this enterprise is a green pear with a leaf in the upper right corner. < / P > < p > Apple said that the trademark of prepear is very similar to Apple’s trademark, which may “reduce the recognition of Apple’s trademark” and cause confusion and misunderstanding among consumers. Apple’s trademark is very famous. If other companies use similar trademarks, consumers will feel that the company is connected with apple. At the same time, prepear offers services in areas such as software, health, and social networking, similar to what Apple does. Prepear’s action violates the Federal Trademark Law of the United States. More than 14000 people have signed a petition for this. “As a small company, we have only five employees,” Monson wrote in the petition. If we want to take a lawsuit against a big company like apple, we can’t afford it. It’s a terrible experience. ” Natalie Munson, CO owner of prepear, said: “we don’t want to stop people from using Apple products. We just stand in the company’s position. We should fight for our own legitimate rights and interests. We’re taking action not just to protect the company’s trademark, but to tell these big technology companies that bullying small companies also has consequences. ” < p > < p > it is reported that in 2019, apple submitted a letter of objection to the Norwegian government because the Norwegian Progressive Party used the apple logo similar to its trademark. In the same year, apple objected to the use of apple shaped signs in a German bicycle lane. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally